"Our contact at Dotkeeper has been a massive help and he is a great resource for us! He works proactively and always replies to us quickly"

Security and strategy for business-critical domain names.

Just about all of us have, at some point, received a credit report from UC. The company’s two letter name, in the clean lines of their logo, sticks in the memory – regardless of whether you’ve seen it digitally or on the corner of a physical letter.

UC is Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency. Since it started in 1977, UC has helped millions of customers make informed decisions by providing detailed, precise business and credit information through its innovative services. UC collects and processes information, making it easier for companies and individuals to make intelligent decisions.

For the past two and half years, Samuel Tillenius has been Web Manager at UC, which is part of Asiakastiesto Group Plc. He is also Product Owner for the UC.se site. Both before and during his time at UC, the company has bought up many domains – several related to UC’s subsidiaries. However this has often been done without a firm structure for managing them.

Today, Dotkeeper manage UC’s domain management from a safe and strategic perspective. UC also uses our SSL Management service, which ensures that their visitors get a safer experience on their website.

Tidying up our domain portfolio was a big job, but together with Dotkeeper we have put our domains in order, including those related to our subsidiaries. Now we have better oversight and we can easily see which domains we hold and who is registered as the owner of every domain. Dotkeeper also makes sure that we don’t miss any important domain renewals.

 How do you find working with Dotkeeper?

My feeling is that it works really well. Our contact at Dotkeeper has been a massive help and he is a great resource for us! He works proactively and always replies to us quickly. He gives us advice and always informs us if there is any developments in the industry that we need to be aware of or when new TLDs (top-level domains) are released that might be of interest. You also helped us to buy a domain that we needed even though it was already registered to someone else.

 What have been the results of our cooperation with you?

We have very good control of our domains now, much better than before. When I started we had an Excel file where everything was thrown together. Now we log in through the portal on Dotkeepers website and we can directly access information on the dashboard about which domains are active and so on. It’s become a straightforward way to answer any queries we might have about our domain holdings. From my perspective the portal is a good tool – it’s clear and simple.

 Have you any advice for others about domains?

Make sure that all your domains are gathered together with the same registrar. Having your domains spread out can be very frustrating because you have to go to several different places to manage them. Having the same registrar who has full control, who makes sure that that you don’t lose any domains and who keeps them protected, is immensely helpful.

 Do you have a favourite domain?

We have a lot of very good domains, and UC.se is just one of them. It is definitely not easy to get hold of such a short domain in this digital day and age. Also, our big site allabolag.se (this translate as allbusinesses.se). The contents of the site are totally self-evident and it also ranks highly in SEO terms.