Protect your trademark when new top-level domains are launched Secure your trademark and get priority access to new top-level domains. When new top-level domains are launched, you could be among the first to be allowed to register your trademark with them. Stay one step ahead while protecting your trademark by registering it with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is operated on behalf of ICANN and is a trademark database that benefits trademark owners when new top-level domains are launched.

Registering your trademark with TMCH is a cost-efficient method for you as a trademark owner to get ahead and gain control.

  • You get priority access to registering your trademark when new top-level domains are launched.
  • You get informed when another party attempts to register domain names containing your registered trademark. The unauthorized party will in turn receive a warning upon the attempted registration, which mitigates domain speculation.

Do you want to protect your trademarks in TMCH? Our experts are happy to tell you more about the application process, costs, and criteria – contact us for more information!