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Having the right domain name should not be underestimated. On the massive marketplace that the internet is, it is of uttermost importance that you choose the right domain name and that you manage your digital assets securely.

Therefore, Dotkeeper offers secure, strategic, and cost-efficient solutions for your digital brand. We do it with nice terms of service and a genuinely considerate and caring service so that you can save as much time as possible and gain the most business benefit possible.

Dotkeeper manages all the top-level domains in the world. We are a group of responsive team players who always take your business into consideration – and who know what it takes to protect some of the most valuable assets your company has.

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Brand monitoring

Why Brand monitoring? Domain names are often used as a means of digital fraud and trademark infringement. It can affect companies of all sizes and in all branches as well as cause major financial damage. Almost all websites with high or medium high traffic are in the risk zone of another party registering similar versions of the website’s name in an attempt to steal online traffic. The purpose is often money-driven – to generate money through ads, selling competing products/pirate copies, or by baiting with gambling/casino services, cheap bank loans, or pornography. It could also be ideologically or emotionally driven, with the purpose to discredit or express discontent regarding a company or a product. Also, companies that are not directly connected to high traffic websites can be victims of infringement. It could be outright fraud (such as email fraud), sales of pirate copies, or reputation hijacking, in which strong brands are used for fraudulent purposes. It could also be vendors on other geographical markets who have created arbitrary marketing that deviate from the marketing strategies of your company. With the roughly 1600 top-level domains we have today, it is seldom financially justifiable to register each and every possible version of a domain name. There are simply too many registrations with all types of extensions and misspellings. Therefore, Domain Monitoring is a good complement to having a smart portfolio management

Domain Names

Domain names are business-critical assets, and they make up the hub of the digital presence for companies and organizations. They are crucial for the online availability and provide the very base for the digital infrastructure with email and web addresses. By choosing the right domain name you can strengthen your brand online – and decrease the risk of your business being targeted by digital fraud, threats, and infringement. In the digital world, domain names become important parts in creating local accessibility in different countries, but also to protect your brand against various digital intrusions and threats. What domain names does your business need? Among other things, it depends on your brands and on which geographical markets you are active. Your domain name portfolio should protect your interests against infringement and threats, while also support both availability and growth – for example by being adapted to suit your target group or for generating traffic from search engines. WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME? A domain name ( consists of a word or a string of words (dotkeeper), which in turn is followed by a top-level domain (.com). In order to register a domain name, you need to adhere to the rules for the respective top-level domains. Each top-level domain has its own rules for registering a domain name with them. Some country domains, for example, require that you have a local presence (that is, a local company) or a proof of trademark ownership, in order to be allowed to register a domain name under that extension. Do you want to secure the management of your domain names? If yes, our needs-oriented domain management is a perfect fit – read more under Domain Management. Interested and want to know more? Please, feel free to contact us!

IP and Legal

In order to secure your brand against digital infringement and threats, Dotkeeper offers legal services that covers all potential risks and needs. We protect not only your domain names and other intellectual property – we take a holistic approach to your brand to strategically strengthen and develop it. Get help with the registration and protection of trademarks and domain names on new markets, risk analyses of your domain name portfolio, and advanced monitoring of domain registrations that intrude on your rights. Dotkeeper is part of AWA, who are on the forefront of intellectual property in Europe and Asia. We ensure that your digital assets are in safe hands. Examples of joint services we offer with AWA Domain and Trademark Management Our integrated management offers you a secure, strategic, and effective way of handling trademarks, domain names, and other digital intellectual property. Expansion Package When you expand to new markets or launch new products and services, we can help you register and actively protect trademarks and domain names, tailored to you and your business goals. Domain and Trademark Risk Analysis A concrete analysis of the current situation for your domain and trademark portfolio. We analyze your needs, identify possible risks and gaps in your current processes and portfolios, and after that, we give recommendations on improvements. Domain and Trademark Strategy We help you develop a domain and trademark strategy based on your business plans, both current and for the future. Online Enforcement Through sophisticated monitoring services, we discover digital threats, and if needed we continue with for example take-downs, litigations, or acquisitions. Brand Monitoring Monitoring trademark registrations and domain registrations gives you the chance to early on discover any violations, infringements, or rights that could hinder your future expansion and growth. Interested? Welcome to contact us.


Along with selected, market-leading actors, Dotkeeper offers tailored services to ensure your IT operations and brand protection online. Together with our partners, we can advise you on what products and solutions on the market correspond to the needs of your business. Some examples are: Certificate Management: Selection, management, and renewal of digital certificates that prevent ransomware, data hijacking and secures your website’s ranking and availabilityPremium DNS that ensures that your domain never has to deal with downtime as a consequence of DNS outagesThe security addon DNSSEC that protects your domain against manipulations and attacks through encryptionDMARC protection against costly email frauds Interested and want to know more? Please, feel free to contact us

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