The right domain name portfolio for protection and growth Do you have an updated and documented domain name strategy? With a well thought out domain strategy and domain policy, you can get the most possible value from your domain name portfolio – and protect and strengthen your brand online.

Domain strategy and domain policy

The right domains are business-critical assets. They protect and strengthen your brands while also enabling online availability, traffic from search engines, and expansion. The choice of the names in your portfolio should be in agreeance with your business goals, your target group, your marketing plan, and for supporting your company digitally and protect against infringement and threats.

A well thought through domain strategy and domain policy ensure that you have the right domain portfolio to protect your business and that your domains are securely managed.

This is included in Domain Strategy

Dotkeeper maps the conditions for your domain portfolio based on where you are today – and where you are going. We draw up a plan of action and a prioritizing strategy, based on data from among other things target group usage, search volumes, second-hand market sales, qualified tools, customer due diligence, and experience.

You get advice regarding what domain names you should keep, sell, purchase, or register, as well as how you can better protect your brand digitally through adequate monitoring services and similar.

To sum it up: you get a strategy based on your needs and which considers returns and security versus effort and cost.

You also get a Domain Policy – a valuable internal regulatory document with guidelines for how to manage your domains as securely and efficiently as possible. If the domain strategy answers the question of why, and the domain policy answers the question of how.

Domain Strategy – This is what the process looks like:

The process can differ from company to company, but usually, the following steps are part of it:

Step 1: Mapping the current situation

Step 2: Workshop (2 h), in which it is suitable for all involved parts on your side to participate. Usually, these are representatives from the Marketing, IT, and Legal departments.

Step 3: Strategy & Policy are developed based on steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Review and possible adjustments of Strategy & Policy.

Step 5: Running updates of Strategy & Policy – should take place yearly, at a minimum.

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