Integrity Policy

Dear Valued Customer – Thank you for choosing Dotkeeper!

Below you’ll find our Integrity Policy, that we have developed so that you can understand what kind of personal information about you we hold, how we use this personal information and why we do it.

Our customers are important to us, so naturally it also important that we treat the personal information of our customers and of other visitors to our website with care and respect. We see it as essential that we handle personal information in responsible way and only use it for legimate purposes. Similarly it’s important that your this personal information is protected and it’s only used for its intended purposes. 

1. Data Controller

Dotkeeper AB (556942-2164) is the data controller, responsible for the processing of our customers’ personal information and for our websites, and

2. What personal information we use and why we use it

‘Personal information’ means information that can directly or indirectly identify a specific person. Below you can see what personal information we use. We use personal information in order to provide you with the best possible service, and we do not sell any information to third parties.

2.1 Purpose

To provide offers on our services, e.g. to create, estimate and provide offers on our services.

Personal data

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Employment information

Legal basis

If to you personally
Take steps at the request of you prior to entering into a contract

If to a party for which you are a contact person
Our legitimate interest

Storage period

Until the offer is accepted or denied. Thereafter, necessary data is stored as long as you can take legal action against us. Data is also stored as necessary for a time period required by statutory storage times.

2.2 Purpose

To manage your purchase from us. To manage your payment for a purchase with us.

Personal data

  • Name
  • Personal identification number
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Employment information
  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date of credit card
  • Billing address
  • Shipping informationTo manage your purchase from us.

Legal basis

To fulfil the performance of a contract with you.

Storage period

For as long as you can take legal action against us. For a time period required by statutory storage times under, i.a. accounting laws.

2.3 Purpose

To manage our website, e.g. to optimize your experience of our website, to ensure that relevant content is presented effectively to you and your device.

Personal data

  •  Name
  • User name
  • E-mail address
  • IP-address and other device information
  • Traffic and usage information
  • Geographic information

Legal basis

Your consent to use of cookies

Storage period

For a maximum of 24 months or until your consent is withdrawn.

3. How we collect personal information 

Dotkeeper collects personal information in the following ways:

Directly from you or your employer

– when you or your company are a contact person, at the time you become a customer of ours.

– when you or your company are a contact person that corresponds with us via, for example, email and instant messaging.

– when you use our services by, for example, visiting our website or customer portal.

Indirectly from other sources

– if we perform a credit check, at the time you become a customer of ours.

– from you or your employer’s website

– when you click on one of our marketing or advertising links 

When you visit our website we use cookies. You can find more information about how we use cookies in our Cookie Policy (link).

4. Transfer of personal information to our partners and sub-contractors

We may pass on your information to third parties, such as partners and sub-contractors, in order to provide services in accordance with our agreement with you as a customer or with the company for which you are a contact person.

We may transfer your personal information to countries outside the EU/EES if one or more of our partners or sub-contractors is based there. If we transfer your information to a country outside the EU/EES we will take the necessary actions to ensure your personal information remains protected and to fulfill any legal obligations associated with transferring your information to countries outside the EU/EES. We describe below those cases where your details can be transferred elsewhere.

Sub-contractors, partners and other service providers

Depending on the nature of the service offering, it may be necessary to share some of your personal information with our sub-contractors/partners/service providers in order for them to undertake certain tasks on our behalf and in this way assist in delivering that service. 


We may share information (eg. email addresses, cookies) with marketing and advertising partners (eg. Upsales, Google, Facebook) to customize advertising for Dotkeeper, products and services, and/or for customized content. You can, at any time, opt-out from this type of marketing activity.

Transfer of personal information overseas

When Dotkeeper shares personal information with sub-contractors or partners outside the EU/EES, such information may be subject to laws relating to data protection that differ from current law in the EU.

5. How we protect your information

You should always be able to feel secure when you share your personal information with us. We have therefore taken the security measures necessary to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, alteration and deletion. Such measures include internal policies, security procedures, and contractually obligating our employees to secrecy. For the same reasons, we use SSL certification to secure sensitive information on our websites, such as personal data and passwords.

6. Your right to access, correct, move or delete your personal information

You have the right to demand access to the personal information we hold on you, and details of how we have used that information, once a year without cost. You also have the right to correct inaccurate information, and likewise to limit how we use your personal information. By limiting the use of your personal information in this way, your details will be labeled so that it will only be used for approved purposes in the future.

You always have the right to object to the use of your personal information. In the event that we disagree with your objection, we must demonstrate that we our legitimate need to use said information outweighs your interests. However you always have the right, at any time, to withdraw permission for your personal information to be used for marketing purposes – you can do this by emailing us at .

As a customer, you have the right to the deletion of your personal information if it is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected; if you withdraw your permission for us to hold your personal information and we do not have overriding legitimate grounds to use it; if your personal information is being used for direct marketing purposes; if your personal information is not used in accordance with GDPR/General Data Protection Regulation/Dataskyddsförordningen; if you object to our use of your personal information and we do not have overriding legitimate grounds that outweigh your interests, and there are no other legitimate grounds for using it. Please note that we cannot delete your personal information in situations where we are are required to retain said information for legal reasons, relating to GDPR or other legislation.

You have the right to data portability, which means that you have the right to move your personal information from Dotkeeper to another service provider.

If you suspect that Dotkeeper have neglected their responsibilities with regards to the handling of your personal information, you can report this to Datainspektionen

7. Changes to our Integrity Policy

If we make any changes to our Integrity Policy, we will publish them on this site.

8. Questions? Please get in touch

If you have any questions concerning our Integrity Policy you are very welcome to contact us at