Legal services to protect and strengthen your trademark Secure and strengthen your brand with an all-covering, legal protection.

In order to secure your brand against digital infringement and threats, Dotkeeper offers legal services that covers all potential risks and needs. We protect not only your domain names and other intellectual property – we take a holistic approach to your brand to strategically strengthen and develop it.

Get help with the registration and protection of trademarks and domain names on new markets, risk analyses of your domain name portfolio, and advanced monitoring of domain registrations that intrude on your rights.

Dotkeeper is part of AWA, who are on the forefront of intellectual property in Europe and Asia. We ensure that your digital assets are in safe hands.

Examples of joint services we offer with AWA

  • Domain and Trademark Management

Our integrated management offers you a secure, strategic, and effective way of handling trademarks, domain names, and other digital intellectual property.

  • Expansion Package

When you expand to new markets or launch new products and services, we can help you register and actively protect trademarks and domain names, tailored to you and your business goals.

  • Domain and Trademark Risk Analysis

A concrete analysis of the current situation for your domain and trademark portfolio. We analyze your needs, identify possible risks and gaps in your current processes and portfolios, and after that, we give recommendations on improvements.

  • Domain and Trademark Strategy

We help you develop a domain and trademark strategy based on your business plans, both current and for the future.

  • Online Enforcement

Through sophisticated monitoring services, we discover digital threats, and if needed we continue with for example take-downs, litigations, or acquisitions.

  • Brand Monitoring

Monitoring trademark registrations and domain registrations gives you the chance to early on discover any violations, infringements, or rights that could hinder your future expansion and growth.

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Joint services we offer with AWA

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We offer tailord IP & Legal services customized for your business

IP and Legal
Design Protection

Your goods’ and products’ form and design are crucial means of competition. Not least on markets where it is difficult to get a technological advantage, having your own profile or branding is important if you want to claim a leading position.By registering your product for design protection (also called industrial design right), you get the sole right to the registered design. However, it is only the look of the product that is protected – not the function.Through AWA, Dotkeeper can help you protect your design from illicit commercial use. That makes it easier to counteract copying and keep competition advantages. Additionally, the design protection increases and makes visible your company’s value, something that is crucial in sales, fusions, investment discussions with investors, and similar. Do you want help protecting your design and increase your competitiveness? Contact us today!

IP and Legal

A patent will increase and make visible the value of your company, which is crucial in investment discussions, sales, fusions, and similar. It also helps you stay at the forefront within your field and give you a better position on the market – it is a good selling point. Through AWA, Dotkeeper can help you through all steps of the patent process, from writing the applications and prosecuting infringement to handling investigations regarding validity. We take care of the legal administration for you, so you can focus on the commercial development of your inventions. Should we help you apply for patent? Contact us and we will tell you more!

IP and Legal
Trademark Clearinghouse

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is operated on behalf of ICANN and is a trademark database that benefits trademark owners when new top-level domains are launched. Registering your trademark with TMCH is a cost-efficient method for you as a trademark owner to get ahead and gain control. You get priority access to registering your trademark when new top-level domains are launched.You get informed when another party attempts to register domain names containing your registered trademark. The unauthorized party will in turn receive a warning upon the attempted registration, which mitigates domain speculation. Do you want to protect your trademarks in TMCH? Our experts are happy to tell you more about the application process, costs, and criteria – contact us for more information!

IP and Legal
Trademark Registration

The trademark is your company’s outward face and the most important tool to communicate your product or service on the market. If other actors are using trademarks similar to yours to market themselves and sell products and services, it can have devastating consequences for your business.The easiest and most cost-efficient method for protecting your trademark from such risks is to register it. Through trademark registration, you eliminate the risk that another party uses a trademark that could be mistaken for yours. You can protect anything from a commercial slogan to words or figures.To get a trademark protected, what you offer and market must differ from what your competition is offering. Through AWA, Dotkeeper can help you register your trademark, develop a trademark strategy and handle other questions regarding your trademark. Should we help you register your trademark? Do you want help developing your trademark strategy? Contact us and we will tell you more.