Show your logo in your client’s inbox – increase engagement, deliverability, and security Do you want to visually increase email security for your customers? Do you want to improve engagement and deliverability for your emails? Allow us to introduce BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) and VMC – the future of email!

Marketers and companies around the globe have been eagerly awaiting the BIMI-standard to advance from Gmail pilot testing to General availability, and in July 2021 it finally happened. This creates great opportunities for trademark owners to further strengthen their brand and reach a better return on their email marketing.

With the help of BIMI, your logo can now be seen in the receiver’s inbox. Using mobile devices, the receiver will not even have to open the email to see your logo!

Currently, BIMI is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and Fast mail, to name a few email clients. Microsoft is currently not using BIMI.

In order to use the BIMI standard with most email clients, you need a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate). A VMC validates the right of an organization to use the trademark and the domain. This ensures the receiver that the email is legitimate. The criteria for using a VMC is that you as a company have implemented the security standard DMARC and that you have registered a figurative trademark.

At Dotkeeper, we offer VMC through our partner DigiCert, and we can help you with the implementation, purchase, and administration. We also offer services for DMARC and trademark registration, which means we can help you throughout the entire process of getting your logos to display in inboxes around the world.

Want to know more? You can read more about the BIMI standard, VMC, and DMARC here.

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  • Deliverability & engagement

    You increase your deliverability (that is, the number of emails that reach their destination increases). Pilot studies have shown an increased engagement (open rate) with +10% for emails.

  • Visible security

    You increase security for your clients by making it clear that you are the correct sender of your emails. This makes it more difficult for impostors to commit email fraud.

  • Increased brand exposure

    You stand out in your clients’ inboxes and increase your brand exposure. This helps you build brand awareness.