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Domain Names

Domain names are the foundation of the digital presence that allows URLs and email. They are important intellectual property assets that can be seen as digital trademarks. The right domains help you strengthen your intellectual capital while at the same time they enable availability, web traffic and expansion.

What is a domain name?

A domain name ( contains a word or word sequence (dotkeeper), followed by a top level domain (.com). Since 2013 a shift is in process where the amount of top level domains is extended from around 300 to more than 1600. To be able to register domain names, rules for each top level domain needs to be followed. Each top level domain creates their own rules on what should apply to register under this specific top level domain. For example, different conditions apply to register a .no-domain (local presence) than what is required to register a .com-domain.

Our customized Domain Management service fits perfectly if you want a strategic, effective and secure solution for the ongoing management of your domain portfolio. Read more at Domain Management.

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