Secure your business-critical domain names with 100% DNS availability Ensure that your domains never have to deal with downtime as a result of a DNS outage. Dotkeeper’s service Premium DNS guarantees 100% uptime and extra high security.

Business-critical domain names with high traffic volumes, such as domain names for main sites and payment sites, cannot risk going down due to issues with one or several servers. A website being down for just a moment is enough to cause significant damage, both financial and in terms of security. If your DNS service is not working, nothing else in your IT infrastructure really matters.

With Dotkeeper’s service Premium DNS, your domain names are placed on a DNS service with extra high security and a 100% uptime guarantee. You will not have to worry about DNS issues or downtime – the service will always find the name/IP address.

Dotkeeper is using IP Anycast, a name server network spread across the world, which simultaneously sends from one and the same IP address. To have an impact on the service, all servers across the world have to be down at the same time. It can be compared with Unicast DNS, where it is enough that one server is down for it to have negative effects.

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This is included in our Premium DNS service:

  • IP Anycast

    Name servers that are connected to several operators at a time through the IP Anycast technology.

  • Data centers across the world

    Data centers are spread over 64 locations globally across four continents.

  • Several Clouds

    A network that is spread over several clouds to provide the greatest possible security.

  • Five Name Servers

    Five name servers, which respond authoritatively for your domain name.

  • “Future-proofed”

    Developed support for EDNS, IPv6 and DNSSEC

  • 24/7/365

    The platform is monitored 24/7 throughout the year.