Unlocking possibilities with DNS: Your Gateway to a Faster, Safer Internet. Ensure that your domains never have to deal with downtime because of a DNS outage. Dotkeeper’s DNS solution guarantees 100% uptime and extra high security.

At Dotkeeper, we ensure your digital presence through close collaboration with NS1, a part of IBM, and a leader in DNS services. Our joint solution emphasizes security and reliability, providing clients with a robust infrastructure for seamless and secure functionality. We offer you a secure and future-proof DNS solution, where your digital trust is our top priority.

The Significance of Authoritative DNS

Why does authoritative DNS matter so much? Simply put, if users can’t access your website or experience long response times, they’ll swiftly look elsewhere. Your website often forms the first impression of your company, making it crucial to ensure a faster and more reliable service than your competitors. Authoritative DNS also plays a pivotal role in cost management as it allows for efficient traffic steering based on criteria like availability, performance, and cost, especially in multi-cloud or content delivery network (CDN) scenarios.

Dotkeepers DNS solutions:

Our DNS solution offers a range of services, but the primary focus within the portfolio centers around two essential components, it’s the Managed DNS service, which serves as the outsourced authoritative DNS solution, alongside the Traffic Steering solution. But we also offer advanced features like Dedicated DNS, DNS for China, and DNS insights for data analytics.

Managed DNS:

  • Offers 100% uptime SLA
    This service ensures authoritative DNS functions are consistently available with a 100% uptime SLA.
  • 26 Global Points of Presence: With a global network spanning six continents and 26 Points of Presence (PoPs), The Managed DNS service ensure optimal performance, speed, and availability of DNS resolution and content delivery. This comprehensive reach enhances the user experience and mitigates potential issues.
  • Fastest Propagation time in the industry (5 seconds worldwide propagation time): Propagation time refers to the time it takes for changes made to DNS records to be distributed and recognized across the entire internet. 
    Most other providers in this space count the propagation times in minutes. These seconds or minutes can make a huge difference.
  • High Query Processing Capacity: NS1 processes one million queries per second on average and 31 trillion queries every year! Still only operating at 3% capacity of the network.

Traffic Steering:

NS1 offers multiple options for steering traffic based on geographical proximity, server load balancing, multi-CDN or multi-cloud switching, and more. Their customizable and stackable filter chains offer numerous possibilities. They also collect real-time data using Real User Metric (RUM)-based traffic steering, ensuring a superior and consistent performance.
The traffic steering service delivers additional value by steering traffic around outages and deprecated resources, and by automating steering decisions using a variety of monitors and other data sources.

Other services within the portfolio: Together with NS1 we offer additional features like Dedicated DNS for redundancy, DNS for China, and DNS insights for data analytics.

Why Choose our Managed DNS Solution

  • Cost-Effective and Efficient

    It’s more budget-friendly and easier to manage compared to building your DNS infrastructure from scratch. The time and resources saved can be better utilized elsewhere.

  • Enhanced Reliability

    Our DNS service come with built-in protections against threats like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. NS1 have established their expertise in dealing with these issues, with a consistent track record of 100 % uptime over the years.

  • Independence and Flexibility

    This DNS solution are standalone and independent of other bundled services. This flexibility allows organizations to use multiple competitive solutions simultaneously, such as multiple cloud providers or CDNs, without any constraints.

Unlocking the Full Potential of your DNS

In practice, our DNS solution enables your business to optimize your online presence, ensuring rapid and reliable connections to your resources. In a world where milliseconds can make a significant difference, our DNS offers the edge in performance, reliability, and flexibility that businesses need to thrive. So, why settle for less when your online success depends on being the best?

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  • Why is DNS necessary?

    DNS, or the Domain Name System, is essential because it translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, enabling users to access websites and online applications. It plays a critical role in connecting resources on the Internet and ensuring a smooth user experience.

  • What are the advantages of having Managed DNS for your domains?

    Managed DNS with Dotkeeper and NS1 offers a 100% uptime SLA, 26 global points of presence for optimized performance, and fast propagation times. Managed DNS combines a resilient network, near instant DNS propagation, and intelligent traffic steering to give enterprises modern controls over user experience of internet-facing applications. Together with NS1 we ensure a better and more reliable user experience.

  • Who are NS1?

    NS1 is a part of IBM and a leading provider of DNS services, specializing in authoritative DNS and traffic steering solutions. Their offerings include Managed DNS, Dedicated DNS, DNS from China, and DNS Insights. NS1 focuses on delivering reliable and advanced DNS solutions independently, without bundling with other services.

  • What is a DDoS attack, and what can be done to avoid it?

    A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt a website or online service by overwhelming it with traffic. To avoid DDoS attacks, companies can implement measures like using a premium DNS solution, which provides built-in protections, and leveraging traffic steering to automate failover and steer around outages.

  • What is DNS for China?

    DNS for China is a specialized Authorative DNS service designed to deliver fast and reliable expieriences to audiences within Mainland China. It ensures optimized performance and reliability whilst overcoming the typical challenges related to the “Great Firewall”.

  • What does Dedicated DNS entail?

    Dedicated DNS involves implementing two independent DNS networks with one control plane, providing maximum protection against outages and downtime. It adds a redundant layer to enhance the resilience of DNS infrastructure.

  • What is included in DNS insights?

    DNS Insights provides data analytics which offer valuable information to network and security teams. The DNS Insights solution allows your business to identify misconfigurations which impact network performance, analyze traffic patterns to guide DNS and infrastructure changes and identify malicious activity which is directed and specific networks.