Smooth domain name registrations globally Protect your company from third-party domain registrations (one of the most common threats for brand owners today) and build a successful online foundation. We help you register the right domains for your needs.

Domain names are the hub of your digital presence and are crucial for building a strong brand online. Which domain names your company needs depends, among other things, on your brands and on which geographical markets you are active. Your domain name portfolio should protect your business while also supporting your company’s growth and online accessibility. This is achieved by, for example, generating the right web traffic from search engines and making adaptions for your target group.

When you launch new trademark, it is therefore important that you early on register the right domain names according to a deliberate strategy and process. Otherwise, there is a risk that another party monitors your legal trademark applications or domain registrations to register domains in your name for some speculative purpose. Third-party domain registrations are one of the most common threats for brand owners today.

Dotkeeper registers with all open top-level domains in the world. We can also help you register domain names for specific country domains, even if your company is not locally active today. Read more about our service Local Presence.‍

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