Cost-effective monitorings for one of the most common infringements.

Why Brand monitoring?

Domain names are often used as a means of digital fraud and trademark infringement. It can affect companies of all sizes and in all branches as well as cause major financial damage. Almost all websites with high or medium high traffic are in the risk zone of another party registering similar versions of the website’s name in an attempt to steal online traffic.

The purpose is often money-driven – to generate money through ads, selling competing products/pirate copies, or by baiting with gambling/casino services, cheap bank loans, or pornography. It could also be ideologically or emotionally driven, with the purpose to discredit or express discontent regarding a company or a product.

Also, companies that are not directly connected to high traffic websites can be victims of infringement. It could be outright fraud (such as email fraud), sales of pirate copies, or reputation hijacking, in which strong brands are used for fraudulent purposes. It could also be vendors on other geographical markets who have created arbitrary marketing that deviate from the marketing strategies of your company.

With the roughly 1600 top-level domains we have today, it is seldom financially justifiable to register each and every possible version of a domain name. There are simply too many registrations with all types of extensions and misspellings. Therefore, Domain Monitoring is a good complement to having a smart portfolio management

Some clients that monitors their brand digitally

Monitoring Services

Brand monitoring
Domain Watch

With Dotkeepers Domain Watch, you are informed as soon as someone encroach upon your interests so you can act fast. Dotkeeper’s Domain Monitoring performs regular searches for your wordings (company names, product names, or trademarks) among the roughly 1600 domain name extensions (mainly top-level domains such as .se, .nu, and .com) as well as over 330 million registered domain names. The monitoring holds high quality and has a very good accuracy. The domain name monitoring could encompass: Identical namesMisspellings and phonetic variationsMonitoring your own trademarksCompetition monitoringInformation regarding where and when your monitored tenors are registered as domain namesInformation regarding if another party registers a domain name in conflict with your rights How Domain Watch Works We choose to monitor the name Dotkeeper. During the year, a third party registers the three domain names “” (China), “”, and “”. Each registration will be discovered by the domain name monitoring service, which will report it immediately. Our experts analyze the search results along with any complementary data from other sources. The results, and our recommendations for how to act, are sent to you in an email report. That way it is easy for you to decide what you need to do. What happens when infringement is identified? When a trademark infringement is discovered, we help you take action. We analyze the situation and give you recommendations for an appropriate next step. It could be a warning letter, monitoring the intrusive domain name (to see how the threat develops), evaluating the legal situation, dispute resolution, shutting down websites, or a domain name takeover. Domain Watch that Suites your business Domain name monitoring is our most popular monitoring service. When you purchase Domain Monitoring, we draft a plan that best matches your needs. For example, we can complement it with monitoring within several fields, such as use of logos/pictures and the use of the brand on social media, on auctions sites, or in website texts. Interested in Domain Monitoring? Contact us for more information!

Brand monitoring
Blockchain Domain Watch

Why monitor Blockchain Domains? Blockchain Domains and the vision of a decentralized internet have rapidly gained traction in some circles. This has become a major concern for many trademark owners who can only stand by while their brand is illegitimately registered in various variations within the new framework. This is how Domain name Watch Works With our Blockchain Domain Watch service, you are informed as soon as someone infringes on your interests. Blockchain Domain Watch regularly searches for the term you wish to monitor (company name, product name, or trademarks) on the 3 most established initiative chains (Unstoppable Domains, Handshake & Etherum Name Service). The monitoring service is of high quality and has very good accuracy. Blockchain Domain Watch can include: Identical names Misspellings and phonetic variants Monitoring of your own trademarks Competitor Monitoring Information about where and when your monitored words are registered as block-chain domain names Reporting takes place at agreed intervals through a designated contact person at Dotkeeper. If you want to know more, contact us today and we will tell you more about how the service Blockchain Domain Watch works