We help you make a safe, secure, and successful deal when buying an already taken domain name. Do you want to acquire a domain name that is already registered by another party? Get help with tactics, qualified valuation, technical transfer, and changing the legal ownership of your domain. Dotkeeper is your secure domain partner throughout the whole acquisition process.

There are several crucial steps that need to run without a hitch when a domain changes owner. When you want to buy an already taken domain name, our experienced domain experts help you through all the stages of the process, ensuring everything is done properly and helping you to a successful deal.

We contribute with, among other things, tactics, market analysis, valuation, secure payment management, the technical transfer of your domain name, and the legal ownership shift. We are there to help you the whole way, from identifying the current owner to the technical transfer of the domain name.

Dotkeeper’s consultants are among the most hired in Sweden. We daily manage purchases and sales of domain names on the After market for domain names all over the world and can help you tackle the most common pitfalls. Our satisfied customers appreciate not least the personal guidance and the service that ensures that the deal is always safe and secure.

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  • From start to finish

    Get help with the entire acquisition process, all the way until the domain name is transferred to your company.

  • Guidance

    Our consultants will help you with tactics, market analysis, and valuation for a good deal.

  • Secure processes

    We help you with the crucial steps, such as secure payment management, the technical transfer of the domain name, and the shift of legal ownership.