Secure your business digitally for the future At some point, all companies have been in the start-up phase where it is important to get started, launch a product or service, and then reach out to customers in the market in which they want to operate. But everybody also come to a phase where it is important to think about the longer term and plan for expansion and how to scale up. We help you get an overview and, as a preventive measure, secure your business for the future.

There are many important elements to consider when building a company, ideas to be implemented, expansion to be carried out and new staff to be hired. During all this, something that can fall through the cracks is digital brand protection. We help you own your part of the internet through smart domain management and with the right holdings. With a clear strategy regarding registrations and complementary services within brand security, you are well equipped for the most common digital threats.

Common challenges for Scale-ups are insufficient management of domain names, Cyber/typosquatting, lack in management of certificates and already taken domain names.

A few scale-ups we help approach the future

“With Dotkeeper, we now have a partner who knows our business, what we do, what we need and who proactively helps us to take the next step in all our digital processes.”

– Nordic Nest

  • What is important to consider when expanding?

    When you plan to expand, you need to be proactive. It is important to register domains in markets that you plan to operate in the future. Checking country domains for markets in which you have sales or plan to have sales also protects against various digital infringements.

    Having domain control means that you create the right conditions for growth while protecting your brand and avoiding unnecessary costs and administrative burdens.

    You can save a lot of headaches and money by having a proactive approach and good processes regarding domain names. A recommendation is therefore to include the domain names in the same discussions and forums as you discuss market strategy, patents, and trademarks.

    Also make sure to register available domains that you might need in the future, at once. In many cases, people choose to wait with registrations and then instead have to buy the domain name at a significantly higher price on the secondary market.

  • Why isn’t .com enough?

    Domains are usually registered on a first-come, first-served basis, and in the wrong hands the damage can happen quickly. Domains are therefore also important to protect your company against various types of trademark infringement or fraud. Owning regional domains for current and future markets is therefore rather a matter of hygiene today. Partly because it creates a positive user experience (in some markets a local TLD is “required” to create trust), but also because it helps us to ensure that our customers have a safe interaction with us and that we do what we can to avoid being exposed to, for example, the sale of pirated goods, email scams and phishing.

    Domains are easy and usually cheap to register and thus “easy targets” if they are available while the company expands.

  • What is the difference between “do-it-yourself” and a partner?

    There are different types of providers in the domain name world to choose from. It can be anything from Do-it-yourself providers, where you yourself are responsible for handling the administrative and strategic work correctly. Or it could be an Outsource provider, where you outsource all the administrative, technical, and strategic load.
    We at Dotkeeper are an outsource provider and a domain name partner.

    This means that we work very closely to our clients ensuring that we meet their needs and that they are protected and digitally available. We handle all the administrative, technical, and strategic work, so that they can focus on what they do best.

    There is a natural stage in a company’s journey, where it may be relevant to review its domain name provider and choose an outsourced alternative. Do you feel that you need strategic guidance and want to avoid the most common pitfalls and minimize risks? Then you are welcome to contact Dotkeeper.

  • The domain name we need is taken, what do we do?

    Having the right domain name can be crucial to reaching out and succeeding with your venture. Domains are almost always registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Is the domain name you want already taken? Then there are usually two ways to go. The Legal route, or by acquiring an already registered domain.

    At Dotkeeper, we help with that type of deals several times a week. We provide a secure process where both buyers and sellers can feel secure. We have built a strong network and have a good track record. An established broker has a greater chance of success than if you try to do it yourself.

    We can also help get the domain name the legal way, through AWA. Contact us and we will tell you more.

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Domain Names
Domain Acquisition

There are several crucial steps that need to run without a hitch when a domain changes owner. When you want to buy an already taken domain name, our experienced domain experts help you through all the stages of the process, ensuring everything is done properly and helping you to a successful deal.We contribute with, among other things, tactics, market analysis, valuation, secure payment management, the technical transfer of your domain name, and the legal ownership shift. We are there to help you the whole way, from identifying the current owner to the technical transfer of the domain name.Dotkeeper’s consultants are among the most hired in Sweden. We daily manage purchases and sales of domain names on the After market for domain names all over the world and can help you tackle the most common pitfalls. Our satisfied customers appreciate not least the personal guidance and the service that ensures that the deal is always safe and secure. Read more about domain acquisition, the domain name after market and valuation. Should we help you acquire your important domain names? Contact us today! 

Domain Names
Domain Valuation

Domain names are assets that are difficult to value. To keep it short and simple, one can say that a domain name is worth what the buyer is prepared to pay at a given point in time, but also parameters such as top-level domains and marketing potential make a difference. Our domain experts will help you make a qualified domain name valuation, so you can enjoy a successful transaction when buying or selling a domain name. Your domain names are some of your company’s most important assets. When you are selling your domain, or buying someone else’s, it is important to understand its value in order to strike a good deal.Dotkeeper assists with current advice and consultation when buying or selling domain names on the second-hand market. Our domain experts have several years’ experience making qualified valuations of domains, and they can help you land a successful deal.When we valuate domain names, to make an accurate valuation we look at, among other things, search volume data, TLD, and statistics from similar sales. After that, if you want help to sell or buy the domain name, our experts help you onwards.An expert valuation with an accompanying certificate via Dotkeeper costs SEK 5390 ex VAT. Are you buying or selling a domain name? Contact us today and we will help you with the valuation!

Domain Names

Domain names are business-critical assets, and they make up the hub of the digital presence for companies and organizations. They are crucial for the online availability and provide the very base for the digital infrastructure with email and web addresses. By choosing the right domain name you can strengthen your brand online – and decrease the risk of your business being targeted by digital fraud, threats, and infringement. In the digital world, domain names become important parts in creating local accessibility in different countries, but also to protect your brand against various digital intrusions and threats. What domain names does your business need? Among other things, it depends on your brands and on which geographical markets you are active. Your domain name portfolio should protect your interests against infringement and threats, while also support both availability and growth – for example by being adapted to suit your target group or for generating traffic from search engines. WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME? A domain name ( consists of a word or a string of words (dotkeeper), which in turn is followed by a top-level domain (.com). In order to register a domain name, you need to adhere to the rules for the respective top-level domains. Each top-level domain has its own rules for registering a domain name with them. Some country domains, for example, require that you have a local presence (that is, a local company) or a proof of trademark ownership, in order to be allowed to register a domain name under that extension. Do you want to secure the management of your domain names? If yes, our needs-oriented domain management is a perfect fit – read more under Domain Management. Interested and want to know more? Please, feel free to contact us!

Domain Names
Domain Management

Are you looking for a secure and strategic way to manage your domain names? A digital presence that is in line with brand strategy, business goals, and other needs is a cornerstone of being a successful business today. At the same time, safe management of your domain names is central to avoiding administrative burdens, risks, and cyber frauds.By managing your domains with a secure and proactive partner, you protect your brand’s trust, reputation and value.Our market-leading domain experts help you manage, protect and grow your digital presence. It saves time and costs – and increases company value. Ensure renewals and create a portfolio that adds value through smart domain management With Domain Management we manage your valuable domain name portfolios in a smart manner – secure, strategic, and with access to our appreciated support. The service suits you who want to keep your company safe from the pitfalls of domain management and simultaneously maximize your portfolio value.Our experienced domain experts take a strategic and holistic approach to your domain portfolio and secure your domain names with an efficient safety net. This eliminates risks associated with, for example, renewals and management, and gives you time to focus on developing your core business.Dotkeeper manages all open top-level domains in the world. We protect your brand and important domain names in a manner that supports your future business plans. We get to know your organization, provide education for you and your colleagues, and work strategically with you to ensure that you have the right domain names.The result is secure domain management that saves time and money – and helps you protect and strengthen your brand online. This way, you give your business the best possible settings for meeting the future. Contact us, and we will help you with a holistic approach to your domains. What’s it like to have Dotkeeper as your domain partner? This is what you get when having Dotkeeper as your domain partner:

Certificate Management

Why choose Dotkeeper for Digital Certificate Management? Stay ahead with Automation: The recent announcement by Google to transition to 90-day certificates emphasizes the importance of automation. Manual certificate management is no longer a practical choice due to the risks associated with shorter certificate lifespans. At Dotkeeper, we offer automated certificate management through Sectigo’s Certificate Manager (SCM). This means you can embrace shorter certificate validity periods with confidence, knowing that your certificates are always up to date. Secure your web presence: Ensuring your websites are equipped with the latest security features is essential. With automation, you can reduce the chances of vulnerabilities and potential outages due to expired certificates. Dotkeeper’s solution is designed to enhance your web security seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. Efficiency and Scalability: Manual certificate management is resource-intensive and lacks scalability. As your organization grows, managing an increasing number of digital certificates becomes challenging. Dotkeeper’s automated approach not only reduces manual workload but also scales effortlessly, adapting to your changing needs. Streamlined transition: Making the switch to automated certificate management doesn’t have to be complicated. Dotkeeper, in collaboration with Sectigo, offers a user-friendly solution. We provide the tools and support you need to ensure a smooth transition, regardless of the number of certificates you need to manage. Our partnership with Sectigo: Sectigo is a trusted industry leader with a proven track record in digital certificate management. Sectigo’s Certificate Manager (SCM) simplifies and automates the lifecycle of digital certificates. With SCM’s support for industry-standard protocols and APIs, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Get started with Dotkeeper’s Digital Certificate Management ServicesReady to take the next step in securing your online presence? Dotkeeper is here to support you every step of the way. Embrace automation, navigate the changing landscape of certificate validity periods, and safeguard your digital assets effectively. Manual Certificate Management: While we advocate automated certificate management to meet future demands, Dotkeeper also inherently supports manual certificate handling. We assist in selecting the right certificates and ensure timely renewals, providing a comprehensive solution for your needs. Contact us today At Dotkeeper, we’re your dedicated partner for Digital Certificate Management. Stay secure, stay compliant, and stay ahead with Dotkeeper’s expertise and Sectigo’s cutting-edge solutions.

Brand monitoring

Why Brand monitoring? Domain names are often used as a means of digital fraud and trademark infringement. It can affect companies of all sizes and in all branches as well as cause major financial damage. Almost all websites with high or medium high traffic are in the risk zone of another party registering similar versions of the website’s name in an attempt to steal online traffic. The purpose is often money-driven – to generate money through ads, selling competing products/pirate copies, or by baiting with gambling/casino services, cheap bank loans, or pornography. It could also be ideologically or emotionally driven, with the purpose to discredit or express discontent regarding a company or a product. Also, companies that are not directly connected to high traffic websites can be victims of infringement. It could be outright fraud (such as email fraud), sales of pirate copies, or reputation hijacking, in which strong brands are used for fraudulent purposes. It could also be vendors on other geographical markets who have created arbitrary marketing that deviate from the marketing strategies of your company. With the roughly 1600 top-level domains we have today, it is seldom financially justifiable to register each and every possible version of a domain name. There are simply too many registrations with all types of extensions and misspellings. Therefore, Domain Monitoring is a good complement to having a smart portfolio management


Marketers and companies around the globe have been eagerly awaiting the BIMI-standard to advance from Gmail pilot testing to General availability, and in July 2021 it finally happened. This creates great opportunities for trademark owners to further strengthen their brand and reach a better return on their email marketing.With the help of BIMI, your logo can now be seen in the receiver’s inbox. Using mobile devices, the receiver will not even have to open the email to see your logo! Currently, BIMI is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and Fast mail, to name a few email clients. Microsoft is currently not using BIMI.In order to use the BIMI standard with most email clients, you need a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate). A VMC validates the right of an organization to use the trademark and the domain. This ensures the receiver that the email is legitimate. The criteria for using a VMC is that you as a company have implemented the security standard DMARC and that you have registered a figurative trademark.At Dotkeeper, we offer VMC through our partner DigiCert, and we can help you with the implementation, purchase, and administration. We also offer services for DMARC and trademark registration, which means we can help you throughout the entire process of getting your logos to display in inboxes around the world. Want to know more? You can read more about the BIMI standard, VMC, and DMARC here.We are happy to answer questions, just call, send us an email, or fill out the form, and we will help you


Allow us to present DMARC – a method for protecting your company against falsified and potentially damaging email. Reports show that spoofing, which is fake email senders or the use of cyber- or typo-squatted domains, is a widely used approach.Apart from establishing (and following) a domain strategy and continuously monitor how your trademark is used, among other places in domain registrations, there is the option of implementing DMARC.DMARC, or Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance, is an email authentication policy and a reporting protocol. DMARC protects against unauthorized use of domains by preventing direct imitation of the domain in emails. It protects the trademark by ensuring that inboxes only receive email that is sent by or on behalf of a domain, by using SPF and DKIM posts. At Dotkeeper, we offer services and solutions to help our clients implement DMARC, and by that increase their email security. Establishing DMARC requires time, data, and continuous adaption (usually over a period of time) to work correctly. We are with you the entire way, from start to finish.The process is split into three phases. The work commences with a pilot study of your email flow to create a custom plan of action based on your needs. After that, the implementation takes place gradually. Finally, there is ongoing reporting in accordance with the agreed-on frequency. The result is increased security for your company, and DMARC is also reported to increase deliverability of your sent email. In other words: exciting news for all marketing departments. Together with our domain monitoring service and smart domain management, a correctly implemented DMARC provides good protection against email fraud for your company. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more! Benefits with DMARC:

Premium DNS

At Dotkeeper, we ensure your digital presence through close collaboration with NS1, a part of IBM, and a leader in DNS services. Our joint solution emphasizes security and reliability, providing clients with a robust infrastructure for seamless and secure functionality. We offer you a secure and future-proof DNS solution, where your digital trust is our top priority. The Significance of Authoritative DNS Why does authoritative DNS matter so much? Simply put, if users can’t access your website or experience long response times, they’ll swiftly look elsewhere. Your website often forms the first impression of your company, making it crucial to ensure a faster and more reliable service than your competitors. Authoritative DNS also plays a pivotal role in cost management as it allows for efficient traffic steering based on criteria like availability, performance, and cost, especially in multi-cloud or content delivery network (CDN) scenarios. Dotkeepers DNS solutions: Our DNS solution offers a range of services, but the primary focus within the portfolio centers around two essential components, it’s the Managed DNS service, which serves as the outsourced authoritative DNS solution, alongside the Traffic Steering solution. But we also offer advanced features like Dedicated DNS, DNS for China, and DNS insights for data analytics. Managed DNS: Offers 100% uptime SLAThis service ensures authoritative DNS functions are consistently available with a 100% uptime SLA. 26 Global Points of Presence: With a global network spanning six continents and 26 Points of Presence (PoPs), The Managed DNS service ensure optimal performance, speed, and availability of DNS resolution and content delivery. This comprehensive reach enhances the user experience and mitigates potential issues. Fastest Propagation time in the industry (5 seconds worldwide propagation time): Propagation time refers to the time it takes for changes made to DNS records to be distributed and recognized across the entire internet. Most other providers in this space count the propagation times in minutes. These seconds or minutes can make a huge difference. High Query Processing Capacity: NS1 processes one million queries per second on average and 31 trillion queries every year! Still only operating at 3% capacity of the network. Traffic Steering:NS1 offers multiple options for steering traffic based on geographical proximity, server load balancing, multi-CDN or multi-cloud switching, and more. Their customizable and stackable filter chains offer numerous possibilities. They also collect real-time data using Real User Metric (RUM)-based traffic steering, ensuring a superior and consistent performance.The traffic steering service delivers additional value by steering traffic around outages and deprecated resources, and by automating steering decisions using a variety of monitors and other data sources. Other services within the portfolio: Together with NS1 we offer additional features like Dedicated DNS for redundancy, DNS for China, and DNS insights for data analytics. Why Choose our Managed DNS Solution Unlocking the Full Potential of your DNS In practice, our DNS solution enables your business to optimize your online presence, ensuring rapid and reliable connections to your resources. In a world where milliseconds can make a significant difference, our DNS offers the edge in performance, reliability, and flexibility that businesses need to thrive. So, why settle for less when your online success depends on being the best? Contact us here!