Get help with qualified valuations of domain names for a successful domain name transaction

Domain names are assets that are difficult to value. To keep it short and simple, one can say that a domain name is worth what the buyer is prepared to pay at a given point in time, but also parameters such as top-level domains and marketing potential make a difference. Our domain experts will help you make a qualified domain name valuation, so you can enjoy a successful transaction when buying or selling a domain name.

Your domain names are some of your company’s most important assets. When you are selling your domain, or buying someone else’s, it is important to understand its value in order to strike a good deal.

Dotkeeper assists with current advice and consultation when buying or selling domain names on the second-hand market. Our domain experts have several years’ experience making qualified valuations of domains, and they can help you land a successful deal.

When we valuate domain names, to make an accurate valuation we look at, among other things, search volume data, TLD, and statistics from similar sales. After that, if you want help to sell or buy the domain name, our experts help you onwards.

An expert valuation with an accompanying certificate via Dotkeeper costs SEK 5390 ex VAT.

Are you buying or selling a domain name? Contact us today and we will help you with the valuation!

  • Valuation Certificate

    We issue a valuation certificate in which the background of the valuation is stated, signed by two domain experts.

  • Land a great deal

    Increase your chances of a great deal by being well prepared.

  • Experienced experts

    Our consultants have several years’ experience of qualified valuation of domains.