Domain Name Professionals who keep clients close to heart We are a leading Domain Name Agency, part of the international IP consulting company AWA Group

At Dotkeeper we are passionate about protecting and strengthening your trademarks online and offline. Our vision is to be the most value-creating partner in the digital assets field, regardless of if you represent a well-known global business or an exciting startup. We have close relationships and strategical cooperation with clientss all over the globe. We are dedicated and proactive specialists – domain experts with our clients at our hearts, protecting and securing one of the most important things your company has.

About Dotkeeper

Dotkeeper was founded in Malmö, Sweden, in 2013, with the idea to offer more client-focused and strategical domain name services. Today, we are a global company with local offices in Malmö (HQ), Stockholm, and Gothenburg in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.

“Our vision is to be the most value-creating partner in the field of digital assets for companies and organizations. Among our clients are both well-known brands and global businesses as well as exciting startups – businesses that value their digital presence.”

We manage and develop digital presence through knowledge, technology, and security, always with a high service standard and a focus on our clients. We care about our clients, and we know you can tell. Dotkeeper’s consultants are among the most hired domain experts in Sweden, and several have been active in the field since the early 2000s.

Since 2018, we are part of AWA Group, a leading actor within the field of intellectual property (IP) in Europe and Asia. 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 we were named Gazelle Company by the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri.

Together we will help you take a strategic and legal holistic approach to your brand online.

Our Values:

  • Consideration

    Consideration for each other, our clients, our partners and our environment.

  • Ambition

    Ambition in our work, our clients, and what we create and accomplish together every day.

  • Kaizen

    Kaizen is the Japanese concept of continual improvement. At Dotkeeper, we constantly endeavor to develop and progress.