“You really do care.”

The can was on the market for 48 years before a friendly soul invented the opener. For almost 50 years, we got by. A hammer and screwdriver had to do.

History is full of similar examples. They teach us that man is a tough creature that can handle difficult situations. The things we take for granted now, has not always been around.

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about cans. After all, we work with domain name management. But that simple thoughtful solution to a complicated problem is like poetry, according to us. And not unlike the finest aspects of the Internet.
The model of our Internet came in the 60’s. But consider that it took until 1983 before some clever people developed the Domain Name System – DNS. So the common man could end up in the right place by typing in a URL or email address.
It’s not like the can’s 48 yearlong wait for an opener but close.

Today, domain names are vital to our digital identity – often synonymous with a company’s brand. And thus an invaluable intellectual entity in cyberspace.

But much of our industry is a bit difficult. Today, there is often a situation where customers want more than what many providers can offer. An environment where the impersonal blame-yourself solutions seem to become more in line with that the industry’s complexity increases.

When it should be the other way around: More great service with good conditions and transparency.

Additionally, we as providers cannot pretend that we exist for our own sake. We thrive from seeing our customers grow, develop and live up to their potential. Because it is them, who develop the market, and come up with new solutions to old problems. Whether it is cans with a “pull-up-lock” or clever apps. Our mission is to be a catalyst in this process.

That’s why we’re a team of passionate and proactive domain name strategists who utilize our expertise in everything from search engine optimization to web analytics, to tailor the very, very best domain name services ever.

Or as our customers say time after time:
“You really do care.”