Dotkeeper as a partner is easy to collaborate with, they have cutting-edge expertise in the field, and they are easily accessible when we need them."

What is your role at the company?

I am the marketing coordinator and handle most things related to marketing. When I first got the job, I was handling all three companies, but this past year it’s been FANN VA-Teknik. My work is very hands on with marketing, and because I have a background as a graphic designer, I do most of the layout work myself from start to finish. I’m interested in tech, so I try to find smarter solutions and to learn something new – more or less every day.

What does the future look like for NEWS Group?

The future looks bright. Who doesn’t need a functional sewage system? Our strategy is to grow, and that’s our goal both locally in Sweden and in other countries.


What problems or challenges did you encounter that made you choose our services?

We chose Dotkeeper just before I was hired, but I was in contact with NEWS Group during the procurement process. We were looking for a new partner because previously the domains had been bought some here and some there. It was difficult to get a grip on the entirety of it, and it was even more difficult to do necessary ongoing adjustments to the domains, as they weren’t consolidated at one place. In addition to that, our partners had quite varying degrees of knowledge and competence.

How did you get in contact with us as Dotkeeper?

 It was one of our partners who recommended Dotkeeper to us, and it worked out well.



Could you describe how Dotkeeper has helped you find solutions for your challenges?

From a decentralized domain management to a centralized one, we’ve assumed control over our domain portfolio – which makes it so much easier if we want to change anything. Not having to look around everywhere and just talk to the one partner instead is worth a lot.

Which services have been the most helpful during the collaboration this far?

The most helpful service is without doubt the support who have reacted pretty much instantly if we have a question or need something. They are very knowledgeable within the field and there’s nothing more we could wish for. It’s perfect, so kudos to you! We no longer purchase that many domain names, as it’s simply put not needed for our digital presence strategy, which minimalizes that type of errands on our part.

The result:

How have you experienced the process from the beginning up until today?

Very simple and smooth, as Dotkeeper takes on the responsibility to solve any unsolved bumps on the road when they step into the picture. Of course, it’s in their own interest, because the easier it’s for us, the easier it’s for them.

What value do you see in the collaboration with Dotkeeper?

 For us, the value of Dotkeeper as a partner is that they’re easy to collaborate with, they have cutting-edge expertise in the field, and they are easily accessible when we need them.

Finally, for your part, what has the collaboration resulted in?

The result is that we can focus on the things that drive us forwards instead of administration and tech that we simply don’t have the time to deal with nor sufficient knowledge about.