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System Verification

Sabina Engdahl and Per Gustafsson, responsible for numerous digital initiatives at System Verification, share important insights about the company and their digital journey, as well as thoughts on working together with Dotkeeper. System Verification is dedicated to creating a sustainable digital experience. Specializing in software and quality assurance, they act as an independent partner throughout

Elfa International

Cecilia Westerlund Cerne, responsible for the company’s business and internal communication as well as sustainability efforts at Elfa International, shares insights about the company’s direction and collaboration with AWA | Dotkeeper. Elfa International, founded in 1948 by Arne Lydmar, focuses on smart storage solutions for various needs and spaces, simplifying everyday life and creating more

Taxi Stockholm

Navigating the Digital Landscape: A Dotkeeper and Taxi Stockholm Collaboration We’re excited to share our partnership journey with Taxi Stockholm, a renowned name in transportation. In an era where digital presence is key, our collaboration focused on fortifying their brand online. With an impressive fleet of 1400 cars conducting around 20,000 trips daily, their commitment to innovation

A Society

In addition to the strategic advice and the proactivity, it is very nice to have a supplier who helps us keep track of everything when it comes to our brand and the digital presence A Society is constantly expanding worldwide and therefore needs to be one step ahead when it comes to their trademark and

Nordic Nest

A major challenge that many e-retailers have is the management of their digital brand and all domains connected to it. Nordic Nest has gone from being a small local e-retailer to becoming a global player. A growth journey that has resulted in them today having sites in 10 different languages ​​and are delivering products to


Addsecure consolidates the market, by acquiring companies that fit into their five business divisions. This journey is demanding from the administrative perspective. And this is where the collaboration with Dotkeeper comes into the picture. When we have acquired a company, we always scan brands, domains, and DNS. So, for us, it has been important to

Northern Environmental and Water Solutions

What is your role at the company? I am the marketing coordinator and handle most things related to marketing. When I first got the job, I was handling all three companies, but this past year it’s been FANN VA-Teknik. My work is very hands on with marketing, and because I have a background as a


We did a short interview with Angelica at Almondy AB to celebrate this, where she tells us why they chose Dotkeeper as their new Domain Partner. How did you find Dotkeeper, what made you contact us? We needed a domain partner, so we searched around among different options and Dotkeeper caught our eye. How has the process been so

Dynamic Code

What was the story behind Dynamic Code? The story behind Dynamic Code begins in the 90s, when Anne Kihlgren was working at SKL with forensic analyzes in criminal investigations. She early saw the possibilities around DNA test how it could help people get answers to so much more. She also realizes how tests that can

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