We did a short interview with Angelica at Almondy AB to celebrate this, where she tells us why they chose Dotkeeper as their new Domain Partner.

How did you find Dotkeeper, what made you contact us?
We needed a domain partner, so we searched around among different options and Dotkeeper caught our eye.

How has the process been so far, what made you choose Dotkeeper?
So far, the dialogue has been good, and everything has gone very smoothly. We already have a collaboration with AWA and had a good feeling after our first meeting with Dotkeeper, so it became a fairly simple choice.

Do you have any new tasty cakes soon to be launched?
We always have a lot of tasty cakes in the making, if one is up for launch or not is too early to say.

Thank you Angelica Cramér for your time, we at Dotkeeper are looking forward to a successful collaboration with you! ☀️