"We feel secure that Elfa's domain names and trademarks are being handled in the best possible way."

Cecilia Westerlund Cerne, responsible for the company’s business and internal communication as well as sustainability efforts at Elfa International, shares insights about the company’s direction and collaboration with AWA | Dotkeeper.

Elfa International, founded in 1948 by Arne Lydmar, focuses on smart storage solutions for various needs and spaces, simplifying everyday life and creating more space in people’s homes. Since 1999, Elfa has been owned by The Container Store, and their business model offers customizable storage systems with long-term durability.

For Elfa, the future entails strategic investments, new product lines, patent launches, and an increased focus on customer purchasing experience and sustainability efforts to ensure continued success.

The management of domain names and trademarks rights is crucial for Elfa’s success, even though it’s not their main focus. Through collaboration with an external partner like AWA | Dotkeeper, they can ensure that these issues are handled optimally, enabling them to concentrate on developing and offering storage solutions.

Previously, Elfa worked with another provider for domain name management. However, after AWA brought in Dotkeeper for guidance on a specific issue, they transitioned to Dotkeeper to benefit from having the services under one roof. This resulted in improved security, monitoring, guidance, and smoother processes.

“We feel secure that Elfa’s domain names and trademarks are being handled in the best possible way, allowing us to focus on what we do best, which is developing and offering smart and sustainable storage solutions to people.”

The collaboration with AWA | Dotkeeper includes trademark and domain management, domain monitoring, guidance, and reporting. Cecilia emphasizes that the partnership has provided knowledgeable and quick support, smooth processes, and a sense of security in the professional handling of their concerns.

When asked about recommending AWA | Dotkeeper to other companies, Cecilia responds that she has already done so, expressing her positive experience with a smile.