"It is a great advantage for us to have both trademark and domain names consolidated with one partner"

Addsecure consolidates the market, by acquiring companies that fit into their five business divisions. This journey is demanding from the administrative perspective. And this is where the collaboration with Dotkeeper comes into the picture.

When we have acquired a company, we always scan brands, domains, and DNS. So, for us, it has been important to find One partner who can help us with this. Both strategically and operationally.

Listen to when Krister Tånneryd, COO, and Anna Börjesson, CMO, talk about Addsecure’s journey, challenges, and how they have done to solve the administrative burden that may arise for acquiring companies.

We currently own many domain names for natural reasons, as we have bought many companies. It’s at different levels, it’s at a product level, company level, web level. It’s everywhere. As part of our total digital brand. But this must also be cleaned and maintained. Because in the end, it costs a lot of money and administration. And you can only do that by taking a grip and gaining control.