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Are you looking for a safe and smart way to manage your domain names?

Today, having a digital presence is a keystone for successful businesses in their work to build and strengthen their brands.

What, How, and When we secure our brands online are increasingly becoming deciding factors when it comes to protecting the confidence in the brands as well as their reputation and value.

For this, the domains become our most important assets, which, if handled correctly, also function as tools for protecting our business against digital infringement and threats.

Smart domain management reduces costs and maximises the portfolio value

Our service Domain Management helps businesses to smartly manage valuable domain portfolios. To us, the keys to smart domain management are safety, efficiency, support, and strategy. This way, we can help you maximise your portfolio value and reduce costs.

At Dotkeeper, we manage all the world’s open top-level domains, and we offer a personal domain service. Domain Management suits you who wants to avoid domain management pitfalls in a secure way, and it saves you time while simultaneously helping you to a both strategic and holistic grip on your domain ownership. We provide you with an extensive safety net for your domain names, eliminating risks linked to e.g. renewals and management. We are specialists at what we do and manage the domain names for you so that you instead can spend that time and energy on developing your business. We get to know your organisation, educate you, and work with you strategically to ensure that you have the correct domain names to protect your brand and/or important names. We help you move forward with your plans.

The result is secure domain management that both saves time and helps you protect and build your brand.

This way, you give your business the best possible settings for meeting the future.

This is what happens when you choose Dotkeeper as your domain partner

Personal adviser

Your own Client Manager that gets to know you and your business, in order to leverage the best strategic advise.

Secure renewals

We are responsible for renewing your domain names and guarantee it.


We transfer all of your domain names to one technical solution.


We have a very appreciated customer support that can help you during office hours, 09-17.

Favorable terms

You will never be locked into long notice periods. We want our clients to be clients because they want to.

Collective invoicing

We collect the renewal costs for your domain names to one yearly invoice.

DNS with Anycast

DNS with Anycast are included for all domain names per default. This means higher security for your online presence.


You get access to a web portal where you can keep an eye on, and manage, your domain names.


We work with an ICANN-accredited registrar – a quality assurance that provides great safety for you as a customer.

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