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Certificate Management

Get help to select, manage, and ensure renewals of digital certificates for your website, so that it is indexed as secure and your visitors are protected. Dotkeeper’s service Certificate Management protects your website against ransomware – and shows your visitors that your site is secure.

Starting August 2020, SSL/TLS certificates must be renewed on a yearly basis. With Dotkeeper’s new service Multi-Year SSL/TLS, you can increase security, save time, and get certificates of a higher quality to a lower price through ordering Certificate Management over a longer period.

Nowadays, SSL/TLS certificates are a must-have for any serious website. It prevents ransomware and ensures that the HTTPs-status of your website classifies it as secure when indexed by search engines.

Dotkeeper’s service Certificate Management ensures that your website’s SSL/TLS certificate always is up to date and provides your visitors with a secure experience of your brand. With the wrong or outdated SSL certificate, several browsers will warn your visitors that your website is not secure.

In connection with the renewal of your digital certificates, we recommend that you also renew your Private Key. This should be done at least once a year.

What is an SSL/TLS certificate and how does it work?

An SSL/TLS certificate can be compared to a digital ID that attests that the domain belongs to your company. The SSL/TLS certificate secures the connection between your website and your visitors by that the connection gets a unique key that encrypts and protects your traffic. Information your visitors leave behind on the website can thereby not be wire-tapped or manipulated by a third party.

SSL/TLS certificates marks your website as secure, which increases its credibility and ensures that your visitors can feel secure. The SSL/TLS Secure Site Seal looks different depending on what certificate is used, but what all certificates have in common is that the connection goes from http to https.

Search engines provide ranking advantages to sites with SSL/TLS certificates, which means that your website can be more visible among the search results. Already 2014, Google officially announced that they would start giving websites with https a “ranking boost”.

What does the Certificate Management service entail?

Dotkeeper’s experts identify which existing SSL/TLS certificates are connected to your websites and help you choose the right ones depending on the specific functions of your websites. We collaborate with serious certificate issuers, ensure all renewals, and make administration easier for you. We are also available for tech support.

Introducing Multi-Year SSL/TLS

Starting August 2020, SSL/TLS certificates can only be issued with a one-year validity period. Because SSL/TLS certificates have to be renewed yearly, and subjected to a thorough validation with each renewal, the new regulations put an increased responsibility to renew the certificates on time on website owners.

The Multi Year SSL/TLS service means that you as our customer can order SSL/TLS certificates for up to 5 years at a time. At Dotkeeper we monitor and manage yearly renewals according to the agreed-on period and in accordance with current regulations, so you do not need to worry about missing anything.

You get several advantages: increased security, simplified administration, and a more cost-efficient Certificate management, because the discount per certificate and year increases the longer the period you order is.


The advantages of Certificate Management through Dotkeeper

Guaranteed renewals

We ensure that your SSL certificates are renewed.


We collaborate with serious certificate issuers.


Our much-appreciated support is available to help you.

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