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SSL Management

Higher security and improved results with
SSL Certificates

Is it important that your visitor feel confident in visiting your web page? Do your visitors leave behind some sort of informationIs it important for your business to have good conditions regarding visibility on Google? If that’s the case, then a SSL Certificate is a great investment. With our service SSL Management our experts can help you choose the right SSL, as well as simplify management and secure your renewals.

Encryption through https is more or less a “must have” for every serious websites nowadays. The main reason for this is that SSL Certificates prevents information from being intercepted and/or manipulated by any third party, but also because HTTPs are valued by search engines when indexing websites.

Different typs of SSL Certificate:

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate

The certifier confirms that the applicant is authorised to use a specific domain. Company information is not displayed on the certificate.

Organization validated (OV) certificate

The certifier will scrutinize the company; ensuring that the applicant is authorised to use a specific domain. Company information is displayed on the certificate.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

The certifier will perform a thorough evaluation of the organizations application, including verification of legal, physical and operational existence of the organization, making sure that the entity can be linked with official documents, as well as confirming that the applicant is entitled to the domain also verifying that the correct applicant has approved the issue of the certificate. This Certificate will display the company name.

Why your website need SSL


SSL Certificates protect the communication between your visitors and your webpage, through encrypting information and make it private. Records left behind on your website by your visitors can thus not be intercepted or manipulated by any third party.


SSL increases the credibility of your web site and helps you and your visitors gain confidence and feel safe by marking your domains as safe with a security seal.

Boost in search engine

Search engines give ranking advantages to sites that have implemented SSL Certificates, which can improve your visibility during searches. Already in 2014 Google officially came out with information about starting to give a smaller ranking boost to websites with https.

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