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Domain Name Monitoring

Domain names are often taken advantage of as tools in digital fraud and infringement. This can affect companies of all sizes and in all fields, as well as cause major financial damage.

Do you want to know if someone else registers a domain name containing your brand name or any other of your important names? Then Domain Monitoring is the most cost-efficient option.

With our service Domain Monitoring, you get all the information about where and when domains containing your monitored names or words are registered. That way, you can act quickly and with our help, hopefully before there is any real damage done.


Almost all medium to high traffic websites run the risk of an outsider registering similar versions of the website’s name in an attempt to steal web traffic. The purpose is often financial: they attempt to make money by using ads, selling competing goods or pirate copies, or by luring customers in with services such as gamling/casino, cheap bank loans, or pornography. It could also be driven by ideologies or emotions, with the purpose of miscrediting or declare their dissatisfaction with a company or a product.

Also, companies that are not directly linked to highly trafficked websites are victims of various types of infringement. It could be anything from outright fraud (e.g. email fraud), sales of pirate copies, or reputation hijacking (when a strong brand is used for non-approved purposes). Another example is retailers on other geographical markets who have created arbitrary marketing that does not agree with the company marketing strategies.

With the roughly 1,600 top-level domains today, it is usually not financially viable to defensively register each imaginable version of your domain name. The number is simply too high, and to that you can add all possible endings and misspellings. That is why monitoring domain name registerings is a good complementary product to intelligent portfolio management.

Domain name monitoring provides you with the information required so that you can act swiftly if someone infringes your interests.


Domain name monitoring can encompass the identical name, misspellings, and phonetical versions, and it provides you with information regarding where (and when) your monitored tenors are registered as domain names. It is most common to monitor your own brand, but the tool can also be used to monitor competitors.

By using the domain name monitoring on a tenor, your get a full mapping of how the tenor is used in domain name registerings. You will also be informed if an outsider registers a domain name that could be conflicting with your own right. A tenor can be for example a company name, a product name, or a brand.

Our monitoring service keeps a very high quality and is highly accurate in its searches. The tool searches for tenors among almost 1,600 domain name endings (mainly top-level domains such as .se, .nu, and .com) as well as among over 330 million of registered domain names.

An example of how domain name monitoring works in reality:

We choose to monitor the name Dotkeeper. During the year, a third party decides to register the three domain names “” (China), “”, and “”.

Each and every registration will be discovered immediately by the domain name monitoring and you will be informed.

Our experts analyze the search results, possibly along with additional data from more sources. The result is compiled together with our recommendations, and these are sent to you in mail reports. Our goal is to make it easier for you by providing you with as relevant information as possible for you to base your decisions on.


We analyze the situation and give you recommendations for what to do next.

When a brand infringement is discovered we can help you act. Examples of what could be relevant are: warning letters, monitoring the intruding domain name (with the purpose of tracking threat changes), evaluating the legal situation, dispute settlements, closing down websites, and domain name takeovers.


At Dotkeeper, we offer customizable services for Domain Monitoring and we will be happy to help you find the solution that best matches your needs.

Domain name monitoring is the most popular of our monitoring services. If you have an interest and need, we can also offer additional monitoring in several fields, such as use of logos or images, use of the brand in social media or on auction sites, as well as in text content on websites.


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