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Domain Name Monitoring

Cost effective coverage of your brand on the Internet

Do you want to keep track of whether your brands or important names are registered as domain names? With domain name monitoring you are informed when, and if, domain name registrations of your monitored names, or words, occurs.

With the soon to be 1600 top level domain names, it’s for most people not economically viable to defensively register every possible variation of their domain name, or names, under all possible endings. Domain name monitoring is offering a cost effective option.

Domain name monitoring provides you with information so you can act quickly if someone intrudes on your brand. Domain name security covers identical names, misspellings and phonetic variants of the guarded names.

Examples of what information Domain Monitoring provides you with:

–       When your brand are registered as a domain name

–       Which ones of your industry related words are registered and in which markets

–       Who registers these names and when

–       How the specific domain names are used online

In practice: We choose to monitor the name “Dotkeeper”. During the year a third party chooses to register the three domain names, “” (China), and “”. All registrations will be detected by the domain name monitor that will inform us.


This is what you'll get

Domain Name Watch

Ongoing monitoring of desired terms


Report on a weekly or monthly basis


Concrete proposals on action provided by experts

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