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Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean

"Switching from our former supplier to Dotkeeper has been a significant improvement for us as a global player"

Global domain management for a global player.

Since December 2016, Dotkeeper is a proud partner to the global logistic group Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL). Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialized cargo. Dotkeeper delivers strategy, ongoing management and brand protection.

How was the process like for WWL to find a new domain name supplier?

We were approached by Dotkeeper and was impressed with their approach and track record.

What made you choose Dotkeeper?

Domain management has changed a lot with digitalization. Dotkeeper convinced us that they were a partner whom could proactively advise us on how to manage our brand online.

During Q1, Dotkeeper has consolidated your global domain portfolio. How have you experienced that process?

They are very service minded and their advice and communications is always intelligent and clear. It’s obvious they have a lot of experience and expertise.

How does Dotkeeper help WWL today?

Domain strategy, management, advisory.

What is the result of collaborating with Dotkeeper?

I firmly believe we are now better equipped to make informed decisions about our global domain portfolio. We are spending our domain budget more wisely.

What would you like to tell other people responsible for domains?

Switching from our former supplier to Dotkeeper has been a significant improvement for us as a global player serving different markets. They really know what they are doing and they have fulfilled the high expectations they set when we first got introduced.