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"Our subsidiaries and we have a service-minded and knowledgeable strategic supplier, who we can rely on about domain issues."

Dotkeeper and Addtech have been collaborating since the spring of 2015, with a more holistic domain name solution as result. They cooperates regarding the management of Addtech’s domain portfolio. Addtech is a technology trading group, which operates in selected niches markets for high-tech products and solutions. The corporate group, which consists of more than 130 subsidiaries with sales to over 30 countries, has a turnover of approximately SEK 6.5 billion a year. With more than 130 subsidiaries, Addtech needed a solution for efficient and secure domain name management.

How does Dotkeeper help Addtech?

Dotkeeper help us and our subsidiaries to consolidate our domains and our DNS handling with one provider, they ensure that we have accurate and updated information regarding our domains. Which means that we can act quickly on changes that need to be made.

What made you choose Dotkeeper?

For us it was important to find a service-minded and customer focused supplier, with an affordable offer, that would suit us and our subsidiaries. Already during our procurement Dotkeeper was the supplier, who showed the most responsiveness and really listened to what was most important to us, and returned with a proposal that suited us very well. This allowed us to safely choose Dotkeeper.

What is the result of collaborating with Dotkeeper?

That our subsidiaries and we have a service-minded and knowledgeable strategic supplier, who we can rely on about domain issues. All of our domains and DNS handling is gathered in one place and we can carry out the DNS changes ourselves.

I also notice that the awareness among our subsidiaries around domains have increased when transitioning to Dotkeeper, as with Dotkeeper they get all domains on one bill and therefore also get a good overview of their domains.

What are you experiences collaborating with Dotkeeper?

Smooth and easy, no matter who you talk to we always get quick, dedicated and accurate answers. Last but not least it is also very nice to collaborate with Dotkeeper. Dotkeeper has in a very short amount of time become a popular supplier among us and our subsidiaries.

What would you like to tell other people responsible for domains?

It’s very easy that domain management becomes a low prioritized question on all possible points, and that you avoid making supplier changes if you have a large amount of domains. But dare to make changes and demands to your providers of domain services.

You chose a new top level domain, .life, for one of your new companies. Tell us!

The company name was chosen and ready, but we didn’t have access to all the top level domains desired such as .com. On Dotkeeper’s recommendations .life came up for discussion, and gave the company a good and modern solution as the primary domain.