"Dotkeeper offers the services we are looking for, at a good price with great terms"

What was the story behind Dynamic Code?

The story behind Dynamic Code begins in the 90s, when Anne Kihlgren was working at SKL with forensic analyzes in criminal investigations. She early saw the possibilities around DNA test how it could help people get answers to so much more. She also realizes how tests that can be performed at home can save time and resources, as well as shorten waiting times in healthcare.

It was right there and then that the idea for Dynamic Code was born; Today, we have a complete solution that streamlines the entire healthcare chain and gives customers access to test, diagnosis, and treatment in a couple of days. We offer over 20 self-test kits in digestive health, infections, women’s health, sexually transmitted diseases, and lifestyle.

Has the pandemic in any way affected how you work with your digital brand?

The pandemic has not directly affected how we work with our digital brand, but on the other hand, the pandemic has given us a proof-of-concept, where many people have been using some form of self-testing and discovered its benefits.

How did you find Dotkeeper, what made you contact us?

It started with an old colleague, which had been in contact with you before and talked a lot about you. After doing some research on Dotkeeper, we saw that you have won several awards and that you have an established client network. That was the reason why we chose to contact you and continue the dialogue together.

How has the process / dialogue been so far, what made you choose Dotkeeper?

Very good. Clear, transparent, great service and professional. As we did not really have a clear ownership of our domain management internally, we considered it best to use an external partner. A partner who can work dedicatedly with this, both with current, but also potential new domains, through a wide range of services. Dotkeeper offers the services we are looking for, at a good price with great terms.