Top 10 most read blog post 2021

An eventful year is coming to an end. We look forward to the upcoming holiday and an exciting 2022. But first we thought we would look back at the past year in terms of our blog. Below are the top 10 most read blog posts during 2021. Which one was your favorite?

  1. Why serial entrepreneur Mattias Tyrberg bought for $1,250,000

In 2021, several attractive domain names changed owners. One of this year’s biggest domain deals in terms of price was, where we at Dotkeeper acted as the buyer’s representative. In this interview, insight is given into how the buyer reasoned around the deal.


  1. SPF records with too many DNS lookups? Here are two possible solutions.

A frequent question our support receives is about SPF records and the length of them. A common problem is that the DNS record contains too many DNS lookups, ie more than the maximum number of 10. In this blog post, we present two possible solutions to the problem.


  1. Future of email?

During the year, a lot has happened in the field of e-mail and brand security! Among other things, BIMI and VMC have been launched for some email clients such as e.g. Gmail. Some benefits are improved open-rate and engagement for email send-outs and increased email security.

Read about the future of email and the exciting changes here!


  1. What about domains on the blockchain?

Are the domain names of the future based on blockchain ..?


  1. Five common domain pitfalls

This spring Dotkeeper had a collaboration with Breakit where, among other things, this article was written. It’s filled with smart advice on common pitfalls regarding domain names that can cause big problems for companies today – and above all, how to avoid them.


  1. Time to scale up? Don’t forget to have control over your domain names!

Don’t risk losing parts of your brand investment! In this article, we provide concrete advice to growth companies that want to scale up and take advantage of the opportunities created by good domain management.


  1. Is the domain name you want taken?

Have you ever experienced that the domain name you want is already registered by someone else?

This doesn’t mean it impossible to get it “back”. Domain names are being sold and bought daily on the domain name aftermarket. In this post, we have gathered some advice for you who are thinking of buying your desired domain name and want to increase your chances of making a good and secure deal.


  1. Cybersquatting – A Real Threat to Modern-Day Brands

Trademark infringement through domain names is a more common problem than, for example, infringement through social media or marketplaces, according to new statistics. How can you protect your business from being affected? Read more here!


  1. 3 well-known missed domain renewals

The list you do NOT want to end up on…


  1. SEO and domains – Some takeaways from the webinar

This spring, Dotkeeper hosted a much-appreciated webinar together with search engine specialist Pineberry, on the theme: SEO and domains, two areas that are closely related. The choice of domain name, and how the management of domain names plays a role in what placement and ranking a website gets in search engines. This blog post summarizes some important take-aways from the webinar.


Hope you who read this post get a wonderful holiday. We look forward to meeting you all again in 2022, and to see what exciting news the new year will bring.