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IP and Legal

Create synergies by applying a holistic perspective for domain names and trademarks

Dotkeeper’s partner in all legal and trademark issues related to domain names, is the leading Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy AWA. We collaborate since 2016, and today we’re a part of AWA Group. Together we can offer preliminary searches, advice on trademarks and domain names, watches, and support when your rights are infringed online.

There are several advantages gained from overlooking domain names and trademarks through an integrated perspective. Enhanced protection, more efficient handling and increased proactivity, to name a few.

In collaboration with AWA, we can offer following services

  • Registration of trademarks
  • Legal evaluation of domain name watch hits
  • Legal evaluation, analysis and infringement assessment of activities under a domain name
  • Proactive measures, including cease and desist letter and negotiations in relation to for instance trademark infringements and breaches against the Marketing Practices Act
  • Assisting in Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Swedish alternate dispute resolution (ATF) proceedings
  • Assisting in infringement proceedings before national courts
  • Legal and strategic analysis before registration and use of domain name to minimize the risk of future infringement
  • Legal and strategic analysis before registration and use of domain name to minimize the risk unintentional infringements of other parties’ rights
  • Legal and strategic analysis and recommendations on acquisitions and/or transfers of domain names
  • Services regarding domain name acquisitions and/or transfer agreements
  • Domain name related legal services regarding marketing law and copyright law, infringement, strategy and analysis
  • Legal aspects of domain name policies

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You can also read more about our cooperation with AWA at


We cover every aspect of intellectual property. AWA is a leading IP firm offering services in patents, trademarks, design, copyright, legal services, strategy, and other IP fields. Dotkeeper is a leading expert in domain names and digital assets. Together we give you a complete support with your IP. As a client of AWA and Dotkeeper, you reap the benefits of our synergy.

Outstanding IP expertise

Few other IP firms can compete with AWA’s track record, being in the business for 120 years, serving well-reputed clients worldwide, and having 180 patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law and other IP professionals. Dotkeeper was founded in the digital era and has grown rapidly due to outstanding expertise, proactivity, and service-mindedness which are highly appreciated by the clients.

Local and global

We have clients in the neighbourhood and we have clients on other continents. They work with us to get the best service and advice, no matter the distance. IP of today is completely international and it is important that we can solve your IP needs everywhere. We have 15 offices in Sweden, Denmark, China and Hong Kong, to be close to as many of our clients as possible.

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