"We have much better control over our important resources, and we have a strategy for what domains we want"

Centralization of domain names and strategic counselling.

TylöHelo is a Nordic sauna company that specializes in creating sauna and wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle. TylöHelo Group consists of several brands that reach customers on a global market. As a global player with multiple brands, it is of greatest importance to centralize and proactively ensure the management of digital assets. Since 2018, Dotkeeper has helped TylöHelo to centralize the management of their domain names. We are incredibly proud to be able to present a successful collaboration where we continuously provide strategic counselling and secure TylöHelo’s domain renewals.


Why don’t you tell us about TylöHelo and what you’re doing?

TylöHelo is a Nordic, and global, sauna company. With over 100 years of accumulated knowledge, we provide feel-good moments and wellness. We offer a complete collection of sauna products, both for private and public purposes, ensuring a perfect wellness-experience that meets every need. We create everything from rooms, heaters, control panels, steam generators and the interior. The built-in lifespan of our products ensures a long-lasting return on investment and a smaller environmental footprint. The business group consists of the brands TylöHelo, Tylö, Helo, Kastor, Finnleo, and Amerec, and we have offices and/or factories in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Great Britain and USA. We operate through affiliated companies and partners, who sell the products through a network of distributors in roughly 100 countries.


Why is it important for you to work strategically with domain names and your brands?

Because we are a global organization owning several brands, having good control of our domain names is very important. Among other things to avoid having less serious companies attempting to copy us and make a living of our well-thought-of brands and products.


What is it Dotkeeper helps you at TylöHelo with?

To consolidate all domains into one portfolio, ensure domain renewals, and reclaim domains we’ve lost over the years.


What value do you see in working with Dotkeeper with regards to your domain names?

The knowledge Dotkeeper possesses in all parts of it, from the tech support to the strategic counselling!


What do you feel is the biggest difference between before and after you began the cooperation with Dotkeeper?

We have much better control over our important resources, and we have a strategy for what domains we want. We now have higher levels of service and proactivity.


What’s the result of our cooperation?

Better control and good service when questions or issues arise. Secure continuous domain management.


Do you have any advice for others responsible for domain names?

Make sure to keep an eye on your domain names and try to act proactively, it’s more cost efficient than having to act further down the road.