"It’s practical having a competent partner who can help us with both our brand management and domain name management"

Secure management and strategy that protect brand growth

With the vision of becoming “the number 1 online provider” of party fashion for women, a clear name protection strategy and a secure management for business-critical trademarks and domains is required. In 2019, together with AWA, Dotkeeper helped Bubbleroom consolidate its intellectual property under one roof and implement a clear strategy for their expansion and future. We are incredibly proud to be able to present our collaboration with the e-commerce giant!


Please tell us about Bubbleroom and what it is you’re doing?

Bubbleroom is an online fashion house, and we sell fashion to women. Our vision is to be the number one retailer for women’s party wear. We design and develop fashion for our customers and sell through our own brands – Bubbleroom, Chiara Forthi, HappyHolly, Moments New York, Make Way, and 77thFLEA. We also carry external brands, among others Goddiva, Tory Burch, Gant, and IVYREVEL.


Why is it important to you to work strategically with domain names and your brands?

Our business model is based on our own strong brands and digital presence, we both market ourselves, sell to and communicate with our customers online. Therefor it’s important that we have a strategy for working with our brands and domain names, and today the two of them often are intertwined.


What value do you see in working with AWA I Dotkeeper for your brands and domain names?

It’s practical having a competent partner who can help us with both our brand management and domain name management, because these two are so intimately connected in our business model. It’s also nice with a partner who can support us both strategically and operatively.


What do you feel is the biggest difference between before and after you began the cooperatipon with AWA I Dotkeeper?

That we now have a partner who can manage both domain names and brands, as well as a partner who takes on a more proactive role towards us, which we appreciate greatly.


On your end, what’s the result of our cooperation?

The result is a clear strategy that protects the brand’s growth and value!