4 real life examples of messy situations to avoid in domain management

When it comes to managing domain names, there are many situations where messy and unnecessary problems can arise. Situations that in the worst case can have far-reaching and costly consequences. Below we highlight 5 examples of such situations that you as a company should strive to avoid.

  1. An employee has previously registered domains for the company through a Do-It-Yourself provider and linked their private credit card to renewals. Messy if the employee leaves and fails to hand over the account or update the card details – and the domains are not renewed… In the worst case, the domain can end up at auction and someone else acquiring it.


  1. A reseller registers domains with the company name, without this being regulated in a special agreement. Complicated if the cooperation is interrupted and there is a dispute about who is actually entitled to the domain name…


  1. An employee, or a supplier, registers domains for the company using their own name, then they quit and disappear entirely, and now you cannot get the login details. It is even more of a mess if there is a sudden crisis, and you really need to get a hold of the domains quickly. It is not very easy to get such information without being the legal owner of the domain name.


  1. You submit the trademark application without registering important domain names at the same time. Trademark registers can be monitored by what we call domain pirates, who for malicious purposes then register trademark names as domain names. It can be confusing when the domains you had in mind were taken by someone else… Then you are back on square one and in the worst case you need to change your choice of name or buy the domains “back” at a much higher price than it would have cost to register.


There are several possible messes within domain management, the ones mentioned above are just a few examples. At Dotkeeper, we help you avoid the pitfalls and get you up if you fall into one. Read more about our domain management service here.


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