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Clara Edberg — 20/12/18

This year’s most read blog posts: Dotkeeper’s top 10

A year has passed, during which we have discussed a lot of different topics. But which topics was the most appreciated ones by you readers? We have looked in to this, and here are the results.

1. During the summer of 2018 we managed to get an interview with the “super entrepreneur”, Erik Bergman. In this post, Erik gives us an exciting insight into the acquisition of the $ 900,000 domain name, This amazing interview took first place in our list of Top 10 Most Read Blog posts 2018.
Erik Bergman- The super-entrepeneur about the acquisition of!

2. 2018, was the year of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Probably, all of us have been asking a lot of questions about GDPR and how it works. At the beginning of the year, we shared useful information regarding “How GDPR affects your domain names”. This post comes in a close second place.

3. Have you heard stories about companies that had to buy “back” their domain names for large amounts of money from domain pirates? How to act if it happens to you, is something we discussed in one of Dotkeeper’s all-time most read blog posts. “Help, someone has registered my domain!” gets the bronze position in this list.

4. A common question Dotkeeper gets is, “How much do you think this domain name will cost if we would want to buy it?“, The answer to that can, of course, vary greatly. In a fourth place in our Top 10 list, “What does it cost to buy an already registered domain name?”.

5. Every year, the Internet Foundation in Sweden publishes a report on Swedes’ internet habits “Swedes and the Internet”, this year we chose to give our interpretation on this, without charts and tables. Spend an evening with the Internetssons and see if you recognize any of the habits at the table. Fifth place goes to our interpretation of the IIS annual report, “Family dinner at the Internetssons house”

6. 2018 will be “the year of happenings” for us, Dotkeeper doubles its staff and we expand to Denmark with the help of our key recruitment, Nete Bernt Hansson. In sixth place we have “Dotkeeper Expands to Denmark – Opens Office in Copenhagen”.

7. A heavily discussed topic in 2018 is the increased number of fraud-related crime in the digital world. How can you protect your company from threats and risks on the internet and what do you do if you get exposed to it? We’ve given you many handy hints along this line, “Email Fraud Warning”(link in Swedish) is a well-liked blog post and it comes in at number seven on our top 10 list of the most read blog posts 2018

8. Having partnered with us since 2016, early this summer AWA took this a step further and acquired a share of Dotkeeper, in order to be able to offer a more comprehensive solution for trademarks, domain names and other IP services. On place number eight comes, our press release “AWA will acquire the domain name company Dotkeeper”.

9. Attached to every single registered domain name, there is an accompanying owner information. To increase your company’s security, you should have accurate and updated ownership information. Do you know who is the owner of your domains? Our “prominent nine” in this list is the blog post “Who owns your domain?“, Explaining the importance of having updated ownership information.

10. 10th and last, we have the blog post “Dotkeeper Tips # 4:: How do I rate a domain name? Part 1 “, a question with many answers! There are many factors that contribute to the value of a domain name, and in this blog post we have listed a few of them.

Witch was your favorite post in 2018? What do you want us to write more about in the coming year?
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