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Clara Edberg — 09/01/19

Meet Nete, our amazing Senior Client Manager in Copenhagen!

Dotkeeper is delighted to present Nete Bernt Hansson, our Senior Client Manager in Copenhagen!

Welcome Nete! Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Nete Hansson and I live in Copenhagen with my husband and my youngest son (we have two sons). Over the years I have built up many years of consulting experience. Something that particularly inspires me is establishing and building-up long-term customer relations. I am determined by nature, and always feel driven to deliver a high level of service.


What is your new role? What does it involve?

In my new role as Senior Client Manager I am responsible for establishing Dotkeeper in the Danish market, as a first-class provider of domain management and strategic advice.


Why have you chosen to come to Dotkeeper?

I’ve chosen to work at Dotkeeper because taking responsibility for establishing us in a new market is an exciting challenge. The relationship between Dotkeeper and AWA is unique. AWA is a recognised name and a firmly established consultancy in the patent and trademark industry. Dotkeeper completes it’s offering by contributing expertise in hosting domain names and all the other services connected to a company’s online presence. Together with AWA we can handle all aspects of a company’s intellectual property rights.


What are you looking forward to at Dotkeeper?

I’m looking forward most to being part of a company that’s characterized by fantastic energy and enterprise.


What do you bring to Dotkeeper?

I will contribute a wealth of experience in strategic consulting as well as knowledge of the Danish market.


What is the most fun thing you know?

I am a passionate winter swimmer – it’s something that I love doing in my spare time.


What is your favorite domain at the moment?

Naturally it has to be .dk! According to DIFP’s identity control it’s now considered one of the most secure in the world.


With a sharp business mind and extensive experience within the Digital Brand Strategy and Protection field, Nete can help you secure your most important digital assets. Contact Nete at or visit her Linkedin profile.