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Clara Edberg — 11/01/19

Google launches .dev – A high security domain for technology and development.

After the big launch of the 1300 new top-level domains that started in 2015, there is now a whole range of ​​domain names to choose from and it is not always easy to decide. For those of you who are developers or web agencies, Google today releases a top-level domain that suits your business well – .dev!

.dev creates a clear identity for those who develops websites, apps, software, hardware etc. The TLD is well-suited for showing of your projects at a safe and convenient address.

The top-level domain is part of the “HSTS preload list”, which means that all connections to .dev domains require https (SSL certificates). Therefore you must implement SSL on all your websites that use .dev for it to work. Read more about SSL here!

When can you buy a .dev domain?

When a new top-level domain is launched, Trademark owners that have submitted their trademarks in TMCH (The Trademark Clearinghouse) are offered to register a .dev domain during this period. This phase is called Sunrise and is only for trademark holders. Sunrise is open between 16 January – 19 February.

The next phase is Early Access and is open from 19-28 February. This phase is for you who wants to secure your .dev domain before General availability, for an additional cost.

Last we have General availability which opens February 28 and continues indefinitely. As of February 28, anyone can register a .dev domain.


 Are you interested in a .dev domain? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts or at and we will help you.