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A trademark is one of the most important assets for any company. It is the most efficient tool to communicate with the buyers of a product or a service. Many organisations invest a lot of time and money in building and strengthening their brand, and therefore it is also important to protect it. The most simple and cost-efficient way to do this, is to register a trademark.

Depending on what your brand stands for and what your business offers, the “thing” being protected can look very different – ranging from a commercial slogan to words or shapes. To get a trademark registration, the “thing” you offer and market must differ from your competitors. Once having the registration, you eliminate the risk of other actors using a trademark similar to your trademark for products or services that can be mixed up with yours.


Dotkeeper is part of the AWA Group, and we can support you with trademark registrations, trademark strategy or other trademark matters. Please contact us, and we will tell more.

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