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Premium DNS

100% DNS availability for critical domain names

Using Premium DNS, expands your website’s opportunities for uptime. Dotkeeper collaborates with strong providers that give your company the highest possible security and availability, and support IPv6, DNSSEC and more. Dotkeeper uses IP Anycast, a network of name servers spread all over the world, all broadcasting simultaneously from the same IP address. In order to affect the service, all of the servers worldwide have to be knocked out at once, as opposed to Unicast DNS where the effects would be noticed even if only a single servers goes down.


What you´ll get

IP Anycast

Name servers that are connected to several operators simultaneously through the technology IP Anycast

Data Centers at 17 locations

Data Centers spread over 57 locations worldwide across 4 continents

Several Clouds

Network is divided into several clouds

5 Name Servers

5 name servers, which all respond authorative for the domain name


Developed support for EDNS, IPv6 and DNSSEC


The platform is monitored 24/7 throughout the year.

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