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Domain Strategy

The right domain name portfolio for protection and growth

Does your company have a domain name strategy that matches your marketing strategy?

Domain names are the hub in the digital presence. They are important intellectual property assets that can be seen as digital trademarks. The right domains help you strengthen your intellectual capital while at the same time they enable availability, web traffic and expansion.

To have the proper domain name according to business goals, target goals and a marketing plan is thus in our digital world important for all companies.

Dotkeeper helps companies to identify the conditions regarding your domain portfolio with the starting point of where you are today – and to where you are heading. In our counseling, we use data (target using, search volumes, sales from the secondary market) and customer knowledge. Based on this, we advise you regarding what domain names you should retain, dispose, acquire or register. It is important for us to get to know our clients to be able to provide the best guidance and service.

This service also includes that we develop guidelines for how you internally shall work with your domain names to have a safe as possible, and efficient, management.


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