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Domain Strategy and Domain Policy

The right domains are business-critical assets that help you protect and strengthen your brand, while simultaneously enabling accessibility, web traffic, and expansion.

Do you have an updated, documented strategy for which domain names you should own, and why? And do you know how to manage the domain names, so that you are maximizing your portfolio – both cost efficiently and securely?

With the right domain strategy and domain policy, you ensure that you are in possession of the right domains for protecting your business, and that your domains are securely managed.

Domain names are business-critical assets. Having the right domain name as per business goals, target group, and marketing plan is today important for all companies in their work to protect their business against various types of digital threats, as well as for making use of all the possibilities that the digitalization has unlocked.

Dotkeeper helps you map out the prerequisites of your domain portfolio, based on where your company is today – and where you are headed. Based on this we develop a plan of action and a strategy with clear priorities. In our consulting, we use data (target group’s usage, search volumes, sales from the second-hand market), qualified tools, solid know-how from several years in the business, and customer knowledge. Among other things, we advice you on which domain names you should keep, sell, purchase, or register. We also give advice regarding what possibilities you have for protecting your brand digitally, e.g. through monitoring services.

For us it is important to get to know our customers, so we can provide you with the best possible guidance and service. Our goal is to land in a strategy that is fully customized for your needs, taking return and security versus insert and cost into consideration.

In this service it is included that we draw up guidelines for how you internally should work with your domain names in order to have an as secure and effective management as possible. We call this document the Domain Policy, and it is, according to our experiences, a valuable internal policy document. If the domain strategy answers the why, the domain policy answers the how. 

Our process

Our process varies depending on the customer and their needs, but usually the work can be divided into the following steps:

Step 1: Mapping out the current situation.

Step 2: Workshop (2 h) where, preferably, all who should be involved from your side participate. Usually these are representatives from e.g. Marketing, IT, and Legal.

Step 3: Strategy and Policy are developed based on steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Review and possible adjustments of Strategy and Policy.

Step 5: Running updates of Strategy and Policy – should happen at least once a year.

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