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Sannah Westerlund — 26/03/20

Part 3: How Dotkeeper is working with Domain Monitoring

What do you do if you discover that another party has registered a domain name similar to yours, and in addition they have launched a similar e-commerce with products from the same niche?

The above happened to one of our customers last autumn. Luckily enough, the infringement could be discovered early on – thanks to domain monitoring.

Because of the increase in digital crime, all brands are in the risk zone and are therefore in need of some type of domain monitoring. The problem that websites with high or medium high traffic experiences is, for example, that another party registers similar versions of the website’s name in order to, say, attempt to steal the online traffic or discredit the company in question. Also, companies that do not have that highly trafficked websites are victims of various forms of infringement. It could be for example email fraud, selling pirate copies, or retailers who do not act in accordance to your company’s marketing strategies.

Domain monitoring is a cost-efficient method if you want to keep an eye on how your brand is being used online, and therefore have the opportunity to discover an attack early on and subsequently act if you are targeted. With today’s plethora of different top-level domains, for most companies it is not financially motivated to protect their name under each and every one of them. Therefore, a successful domain strategy should include some form of monitoring.

And, if it comes to it, our legal experts can help you through the entire process, from collecting evidence to sending warning letters, the dispute process, and the litigation.

Our domain monitoring process is usually as follows


Together we go through which brands/marks that are relevant for you to monitor, as well as how that monitoring is best done to match your needs.


After the need analysis, we handle the service set-up according to our agreement. If you want to, at this stage we can also perform an initial basic search to get a clear image of the current situation and all already registered domain names. We analyse the hits in a report with results and our recommendations for you.


The monitoring service continuously searches for newly registered domain names, according to the frequency we jointly agreed on. The service then regularly reports about new matches, and we are responsible for analysing and reporting these, along with the recommended actions, to you. Our experts have several years of experience in helping businesses identifying and acting against infringement or suspicious hits – you are in good hands.


Domain monitoring is our most common monitoring service. If there is an interest and a demand, we can also offer additional monitoring in several fields, such as use of logos/images, use of brand in social media or at auction sites, as well as text content on websites.

Do you want to know if another party registers new domain names containing your brand or important names? Read more about our Domain Monitoring service here.