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Video: Webinar – An introduction to the Domain Name Aftermarket

Help! Someone has registered my domain! – An introduction to the Domain Name Aftermarket

Perhaps you’ve heard or read horror stories about companies that have been forced to pay large sums of money to buy “their” domain name from another registrant. Why is it important for companies to know the value of a great domain name? What can you do if you find out that someone else has register the name you want? Is it too late to get it “back”, and how would that work?

There is a high demand for good domain names and as a consequence of this high demand the development of an aftermarket has taken place. The trading of domains that are already registered have become much more frequent and the market efficiency as such is also evolving.

In this webinar featuring live Q&A and audience polls we look into how to do a valuation and investment analysis on a domain name and how to buy the names you want but that aren’t available for registration.

Watch the recording of our webinar here.