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Clara Edberg — 16/07/18

Google will mark all pages without https as not secure as of July 2018

For a long time, Google has been trying to make the internet a safer place for us users and is now taking further action.

As of July 2018, Google begins to mark all http-sites (websites that lacks SSL Certificates) as “not secure”.

In the last few years, SSL certificates has become a “must-have” on all serious web pages. SSL certificate on your site prevents information about your website visitors from getting into the wrong hands by encryption.

SSL also increases your website’s visibility in search engines, since https status (as sites with SSL have) is valued when indexing websites. Without a certificate, your website will be ranked lower on Google than similar pages with SSL certificates. In other words, a hygiene factor that creates credibility.

If you haven’t yet invested in SSL Certificates for your website, it’s high time to do so now! Having your website marked as “not secure” will affect its credibility, as well as indexing in Google search results.

If you want to know more about SSL Certificates and how to proceed to obtain this, contact us at