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Clara Edberg — 10/10/19

Dotkeeper’s Marcus Glaad selected for the ISOC-SE board

This summer, Marcus Glaad, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Dotkeeper, was selected for the ISOC-SE board. ISOC-SE stands for The Swedish Chapter of the Internet Society, an organisation working for better economical and social development of the Internet. In other words, a secure Internet for everyone!

“Of course, I’m honored to be both nominated and selected. It’s an important position of trust. ISOC-SE are doing good and important work for an open Internet that is available for everyone, and I look forward to learning more about the organization and participating in the work.”

“ISOC-SE also plays an important part in the Swedish Internet community, as they appoint two seats on the board of the Swedish Internet Foundation, the registry for the .se top-level domain – one of the seats being the chairmanship. In 2020, a new chairman for the Swedish Internet Foundation will be elected, so it’s an exciting stage during which to join the ISOC-SE board.”

Since earlier, Marcus is a member of’s board, a prestigious assignment that well complements the assignment for ISOC-SE. The ISOC-SE board assignment lasts for two years.

“My assignment for is not really affected, other than that I have the benefit of contributing and developing in yet another inspiring environment, and hopefully that will make me a better board member in both organisations.”

At Dotkeeper, we are happy and proud that Marcus now has two prestigious assignments on top of the great work he is already doing for Dotkeeper.

“I will continue in Dotkeeper with the same passion and joy, and I hope that I through these positions of trust can broaden my competence and understanding of the Internet as a whole, and through this contribute to our customers and my colleagues.”

The rest of us on the Dotkeeper team would like to wish Marcus all the best in his coming assignment!