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Andreas Karlsson — 31/01/19

Dotkeeper meets: Haseeb Tariq at NamesCon in Las Vegas 2019

We are at NamesCon, the world’s largest domain name conference in Las Vegas. Here, we got the opportunity to talk with Haseeb Tariq, about domain names and the future of marketing.

Haseeb Tariq is working with Marketing Automation at Fox TV, and lectures on NamesCon with his presentation “How to price and sell your portfolio”.

With 114,000 followers on Instagram and over 12,000 Linkedin connections, Haseeb is quite an influencer in the business. He has also studied at Lund’s University in Sweden.

First of all, Great to have someone with Swedish background here at NamesCon in Las Vegas, not many of us here…

Thank you! I must say that I love Swedish fika.

Haha, good! Me too!

For our clients back home in Sweden there’s a lot of talk about digital transformation, advertising going digital and so on. What do you see that companies really have to work with in 2019?

In one word, I think you have to be more human. You have to be even more connected with your customers. Try to understand them and talk their talk. Don’t push your message in their faces if you want them to listen. Because the future of marketing, brand and business is how human you are with the people you are working with. You have to understand that your costumers are humans and so are their needs, and you should focus on that. Let them know how you can solve their needs, let them relate to you, and you can be successful in what you are doing.

You still have a portfolio of domain names, but you have also been in this industry, can you tell us a little bit more about that?

I started 10-11 years ago and at that time domaining itself was quite unknown to the common people, not many people outside the domain industry knew what domains was all about. I was lucky enough to work for a lot of big fortune 500 companies in America. It was fun, because it was new and very few understood the value of it.

It’s like people jumping in to Bitcoin right now… Some people who work for Bitcoin realized that this was important for the future already 5-6 years ago.

Domaining was kind of similar for me. I got excited about how I could direct people from all over the world to a certain address, so I started creating domains into businesses. At that time, startup was not a term. And I was pretty early on starting businesses based out of a good domain name. No one bought domains at that time, I felt like I was the only fish in the ocean.

I found that platform on my own, I didn’t have any connections, I didn´t know a single domainer. It wasn´t until later that I realized that there were more domainers like you and me out there.

So, if you find something interesting, teach yourself and keep learning, and you will get successful!

Do you have any advice for people regarding handling domain names?

I think it’s too late to find a good domain name, so you have to work with people who have it already.

If you try to create a business you can always buy an already taken domain, but it’s expensive. Instead it might be an option to lease it for a couple of years. That way, you can arrange a payment every month, and at that time when you have enough money, you can buy it out. But, make sure to have an agreement, though.