Companies on the Benefits of Upgrading Their Domain Name

A current trend, apart from that many domain buyers continue to see the value of the right name online, is that some of them choose to talk about what has happened since – after the upgrade. In all cases that Dotkeeper has taken a closer look at, the buyers have been positively surprised by how quickly the upgrade has contributed to improved results.

A few examples from 2022 are: -> ($102.000)

When the job ad service for distance work, RemoteOK, opted to buy the corresponding dotcom-address and upgrade from the .io-domain they were using, their numbers soon skyrocketed. Their website visitors increased tenfold shortly after the domain change.

  • Two months later I think we can say that, yes, you should buy the .com-domain for your company, company founder Pieter Levels says as he shares the statistics on Twitter. ->

In September 2021, the scheduling tool Calendso announced that they would be upgrading their name and domain to The reason was that they wanted the name to mirror their new efforts and ambitions. On Twitter, the co-founder of the company notes that the upgrade is part of the reason that the company has gone from a few hundred users to close to 20.000 in six months.

  • The development after the name change is the same for us as for RemoteOK, Peer Richelsen at says, proudly showing their statistics. ->

Gravity Forms, who offer forms for WordPress, had a similar journey. Talking to, the CEO of the company, Carl Hancock, says that he never thought there would be an opportunity to acquire, but that it was a no-brainer with regards to marketing and branding. He adds that had they not seized the opportunity, someone else would have, and then it would have been lost forever. An advantage with owning and controlling your name is tied to email, he reckons.

  • One thing I learned after just a few days of owning is that if your company name includes the word ‘gravity’, then people will assume that your email address is ‘’. The effect of owning a name like this is real, Carl Hancock says on Twitter.

In addition to the trend to share the possible effect of a name change, the domain name aftermarket continues at a solid level, both with regard to volume and all-time highs.

The domain name trade can be an incalculable market, where deals and prices seldom are published. But, based on the tip of the iceberg, both supply and demand are continuously large. Dotkeeper’s clients also continue to engage us for more, as well as more expensive, domain name acquisitions on the aftermarket.


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