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Clara Edberg — 28/07/20

Domain Management – A Best Practice Guide

Do you have a strategy for deciding which domain names your company should have? Does that strategy complement your business goals and match your approach to trademark protection? What steps can you take to both maximize your profits and protect your intangible assets?

These are questions that may seem difficult to answer, which is why we have produced an excerpt from one of our popular downloadable guides, where you get useful information on how to optimize your domain management!

Today, domains are business-critical assets that form the foundation of your communication with customers, while at the same time protecting your trademarks online. As the number of digital crimes and copyright infringements grow, the question of how you can make sure that your name is protected online becomes even more crucial.

A good start is to secure the domains that you currently own. Categorize and prioritize your domain names by asking yourself the question ”which are important to us?” If the domains are spread out, you need to gather them under one management.

It is important to understand that domains are assets, not costs!

 Then you might wonder which domains to register. Which varies from company to company. You should primarily focus on registering domain names in the geographical markets where you are present today or where you plan to operate in the future. Another important aspect is also to register the most common top-level domains such as .com, .net, .org. (in Sweden also .nu).

Other tips:


Important to think about from a Strategic perspective

Use your domains! Make sure that every domain is useful and, at the very least, guides customers to the places you want them to go.

The most important thing here is that the domain ownership details mirror the details of your company and match the trademark register. A common pitfall in domain management is not keeping these details up to date, which can unfortunately lead to domains being de-registered.

Important to think about from a Monitoring perspective

 Complement your domain registrations with domain monitoring. With domain monitoring you can continuously search for domain registrations that contain your brand names and other important phrases, and quickly pick up registrations that could be used in a damaging way. This is a very cost-effective way of controlling how your trademarks are used online.

 Important to think about from a Security perspective

Make sure that the domains have a solid technical set up that meets your
needs. A solid, modern DNS setup is necessary to protect against, for example, overload/DDoS. At the time of writing, anycast is recommended. With anycast, servers respond in parallel to lookups. Servers are often spread out across different continents for maximum security. The server that is nearest the lookup answers, which also can help websites’ loading time.

These are just a few of all the things you should think about linked to an ultimate domain management. To get a complete picture of how you can best protect and proactively work with your domain names, you should download our complete guide: Domain Managment – A best practice guide!