Some advice about your domain’s SEO power

Having websites that aren’t easy to find is a little like holding a lavish party and forgetting to tell the guests the location. After spending time and money on preparations, you end up dancing on your own and eating the entire cake by yourself. After a while, the guests stop looking for you and choose a more convenient party instead.

With the help of SEO you can increase the chances of visitors finding your homepage with the right keyword. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a collective name for the many different methods and techniques used to make websites more visible on search engines (including, but not limited to, Google).

To get some advice about using SEO to help you choose a domain, have a look at this blogpost from SEO expert Linus Larsson

Playing a vital role in this this context are domains and their “SEO power”

At Dotkeeper, we recommend Moz tools – they can be a great help in evaluating your domain’s SEO power

Moz is one of the world’s most well-known SEO resources and was responsible for devising the expression “Domain Authority”. Domain Authority, often shortened to DA, is a measurement tool used in the SEO industry. It indicates the likelihood of a domain (and its website) being found via a specific keyword. DA provides an insight into the SEO power of specific domain names, and also gives you a good estimate of how Google will rank those domains in their search engine.

Domains are scored on a logarithmic 100-point scale (that means that it’s generally easier to jump from 20 to 30 points than from 70 to 80). But you shouldn’t narrowly focus on getting a high overall DA score. Look instead at the DA score of the domains of websites that you compete with directly, and aim to get a higher score than them. The measurement is also useful for exploring new developments, for example, if you want to check an external website before contacting the website owner about potentially working together.

DA is calculated according to several factors, including the number of external links, that influence how a site is indexed by search engines.

A quick tip! On the Moz homepage there is an excellent SEO-guide that is perfect reading for beginners. It has 10 chapters that go through SEO processes from beginning to end, and also can be downloaded as a PDF. It helps you understand how search engines really work, what keyword research is, the importance of online marketing, and much more.

Link to MOZ