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Clara Edberg — 20/04/20

Say hello to Sten Lillieström, our new intern at Dotkeeper!

This week we are pleased to introduce our latest addition, our intern Sten Lillieström, who will mainly focus on our domain acquisition service. We had a video coffee and asked Sten to tell us a little more about himself and what he has done.

Tell us about your education and your past experiences?

I am currently on leave from Sveriges Radio (Sweden’s national publicly funded radio broadcaster) where I worked for 15 years as a journalist and reporter in various parts of the business, to educate myself as an IP paralegal at a one-year vocational university. The reason for this is that I wanted to try something new.

With that background, how did you end up in the domain industry?

The language, I think. Domain names are a language. An extremely compressed language. And all kinds of languages ​​fascinate me. The most unusual thing about the domain name language is that there can only be one copy of each word. I started to look at the reasons why a domain name is sought-after or valuable. After some acquisitions and sales, the hobby interest has become more businesslike, even though the same fascination still remains.


Why do you choose to do your internship at Dotkeeper?

Dotkeeper handles the same subject as I do, namely the need of domain names for companies. I have some experience regarding the need of identity, branding and being able to quickly find a good name. There is also another side, that Dotkeeper is very good at, the more practical domain management, overview of a company’s holdings and about so-called brand protection. It will be very exciting to get an insight into this!


What can you contribute with during your weeks here?

As a journalist, that you probably never stop being entirely, I have dealt with many different subjects and situations, and also obviously a lot of content production. So, I have a routine for it. When it comes to domain names, I have a lot of experience from the secondary market and can easily navigate it.


Do you have any hidden talent?

I hope not, what use would I have for it being hidden?


Favorite Domain?

The latest sales that both seller and buyer are happy with!


Welcome to Dotkeeper Sten!