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Clara Edberg — 27/09/21

Soon you can register your .AU domain!

In March 2022, .au will be launched - a must-have for you who have, or planning to have, sales in Australia!

For the first time, it is possible to register domain names directly under the trusted country-code top-level domain .au, which will be a complement to, for example .com.au, .net.au, and org.au.

The benefits of registering a .au domain for you as a trademark owner are:

Country-code top-level domains are important for numerous reasons. Partly because it creates local accessibility and clarity in the digital presence for your customers, but also because it protects your name from being registered for malicious purposes by another party.

If you already have a domain name under .com.au, .org.au or similar, you have priority to register your name under the .au domain. Should several holders apply for the same name, prioritization takes place according to a “Priority Allocation Process“. The criteria for registering domain names under .au is that you have a verified Australian presence, such as a local company, that meets auDA’s license rules and “The Priority Allocation Process” or that you have a trademark registered in the country. In case you do not meet the requirements for registration yourself, we at Dotkeeper offer help via our Local Presence service.

Do you want to register your .AU domain or do you have thoughts about .AU or the registration process? Contact us at hello@dotkeeper.com!