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Clara Edberg — 24/01/20

Google search results get a new look

Last year, the search engine Google changed the look of its search results, but only in mobile devices. As many of you may already noticed, the appearance on desktop has now also changed. This new look places higher demands on your business having domain names that are in line with your digital marketing strategy.

Why? Well, the new look places a bigger focus on your domain name than before. It is the first thing you see when the search result is presented to you, together with a brand icon. Therefore, having a domain name that reflects your business is of great importance with the new look.

Here is an example of what a search result might look like, at the top you have your brand icon and the domain name, followed by a title and a description:



Previously, the layout of the search result was designed so that the title was the main focus and the domain name was placed underneath. The appearance of paid ads is also changing, the box around “Ad” is replaced with only the text “Ad” – in bold.

For you as a company, this change means that you should make sure that your domain name and your brand icon reflect your business and that it creates a certain sense of recognition. Do some quick searches in google to see how your company is presented in the search results and analyze the look, does it present your brand in the way that you want, or should you review how you want to be presented in Google’s results?


We are happy to help ensure that your domain strategy is aligned with your digital marketing strategy, so that you can reach new potential customers through Google and other search engines in the best possible way, contact us at hello@dotkeeper.com for more information.