.NEW – A Brand NEW Top Level Domain!

Do you have a new product, service, or idea about to be launched? If so, we have the perfect top level domain for you: .NEW – a unique domain to use for marketing new launches.

Between 15/10 2019 – 14/1 2020, during the sunrise period, it is possible to register domain names ending with .NEW for those who have registered their trademark in TMCH. Before the TLD is finally released to the public (General Availability) on July 21, 2020, .NEW is released in the landrush period on July 15, 2020, but at a higher price than when it is finally released to the public on July 21, 2020.

.NEW domains must be used to generate new actions online, such as helping your clients quickly open a page to create a new action on. An example of such an action could be that you through Spotify enter playlist.new – here the domain redirects you to a page where you can create new playlists. Google has also created its own domains for docs.new, sheets.new and slides.new, where completely new documents, presentations and sheets are created, where you as a user only need to type “youraction”.new. Improve your users’ workflow by applying these types of shortcuts for common actions that you know your customers are doing on your site.

A .NEW domain is perfect for you who are, for example, planning a new product launch. It also increases a company’s possibility of being associated with something “new”. But use it for the purpose of creating a new action, for example sending your customers to a sign-up page.

At Dotkeeper you can register the majority of the world’s open top level domains. Contact us for more information regarding the process or if you are interested in the new top level domain .NEW.

If you want to read more about the new TLD .NEW, you will find more information here!